Better Together

KCP&L and Westar are becoming one company to create customer savings and maintain local ownership, which will support our communities, create jobs and grow local economies.

“We are grateful to have partners in Westar Energy and KCP&L who understand the challenges we face in rural Kansas. Their mutual commitment to building a diversified and reliable portfolio of generation mitigates our risk for what the future may hold while continuing to keep our current energy costs low…. Westar and KCP&L are a natural fit.”

Kansas Farm Bureau
“Both of these outstanding companies share a reputation for doing the right thing and going above and beyond with regard to their commitment to employees, safety, service reliability, the environment and corporate philanthropy. These factors all have a positive, critical influence on Topeka/Shawnee County’s economic development and quality-of-life initiatives.”
 — GO Topeka

Better Together logoKCP&L and Westar are neighboring utilities that have both served customers in Kansas for more than 100 years. We share resources. We operate power plants together. And we assist each other in times of need. Now, we are coming together to form one company.

Together, we will operate more efficiently, creating savings for our customers. Together, we will work with the communities we serve to grow jobs and foster local economies. Together, we will have the resources to improve reliability and the flexibility to generate electricity in a sustainable manner. We will be more than our shared resources. We will be better together.

Growing jobs and the local economy

Together, we can produce 13,000 megawatts to meet our community’s growing demand for electricity.

More savings for 1.5 million customers

KCP&L and Westar will operate more efficiently, passing those savings to our customers. We will accomplish this by managing costs more effectively through economies of scale we gain by combining. which keeps prices competitive.

A local team you can trust

We live here. We work here. And we have deeply rooted relationships here. Together, KCP&L and Westar are committed to the Kansas communities we serve. We succeed only if our communities grow and prosper.

Clean, renewable energy

KCP&L and Westar will have a greater, more diverse portfolio of energy-efficiency offerings, giving customers the opportunity to better manage their energy needs. Nearly half of the power for our residential customers will be generated with zero emissions.

Greater reliability

Together, we’ll have more than 51,000 miles of distribution lines.

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