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We build strong supplier relationships. They have helped make us the award-winning, trusted company we are today.

Maria Jenks"From the beginning, our suppliers have helped us build KCP&L into a trusted energy provider and resource. Today, we're an award-winning utility providing efficient and affordable service to more than 800,000 customers. We're happy you're here to learn more about doing business with us. The links below guide you to the most current information on our procurement philosophies, policies and practices. 

As we pursue excellence in all areas of our operations, we continually work to improve our procurement processes while maintaining a center-led, integrated supply chain model. Our policies are designed to provide a good balance of supplier interactions between our operating personnel and our supply chain personnel. We’re committed to increasing opportunities for diverse suppliers and enhancing the competitiveness of the supply base.

Current suppliers, thank you for your hard work in support of our mission. If you hope to become a KCP&L supplier, I encourage you to let us know about your organization through the supplier registration process.”

Maria R. Jenks
Vice President, Supply Chain

Code of Conduct: Meeting High Standards

KCP&L employees hold ourselves to the highest ethical business standards. We extend this expectation to our suppliers.
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Supplier Registration: Register for and Log in to eSupplier

Tell us about your organization and the products and services you provide by registering for KCP&L’s eSupplier online portal.
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What We Buy: Products and Services We Purchase

Review a list of the kinds of products and services we buy. 
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Supplier Diversity: Seeking Out Diverse Suppliers for Services and Materials

KCP&L is committed to increasing opportunities for diverse suppliers and enhancing the competitiveness of the supply base.
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Light Source: Building Relationships with Emerging Suppliers

Diverse suppliers play a vital role in the economic success of our region. We help these suppliers grow and thrive through our Light Source Program.
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Supply Chain Management
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Supplier Registration
Let us know about your products and services by registering on KCP&L's eSupplier online portal. Register
Code of Conduct
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Terms and Conditions
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