Report Energy Theft

Reporting energy theft helps keep our community safe. When someone steals electricity it increases costs for everyone.

Reporting energy theft protects our communities and your rates. We’re out to stop this theft and we need your help. If you suspect someone of tampering with or receiving unauthorized electric service, let us know. Your call or electronic message can be anonymous and will remain confidential.

Report Theft Online
Energy Theft Hotline: 1-888-TIP-KCPL (847-5275)1-888-TIP-KCPL (847-5275)

  • Fraud and theft of electric service result in higher energy costs for all customers.
  • Tampering with electric meters poses a serious danger—to you and your property, your neighbors and our employees.
  • When electricity is being stolen, more power often flows through the lines than is expected, potentially creating power surges and system failures due to high loads. This means a greater risk of fire and outages.  
  • Illegal connections to power lines are always unsafe. Anyone who comes into contact with them is in danger, including children, our employees and even the thief. 

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Report Energy Theft
Energy Theft Hotline  
888-544-4852 1-888-TIP-KCPL

Report Theft
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