Trimming Trees and Planting

KCP&L regularly trims trees near power lines as part of our mission to provide safe, reliable electric service.

Worker trimming treeTo ensure reliable service, the safety of our employees, and to comply with regulations from the North American Electric Reliability Council, we perform regular vegetation maintenance. 

Our Responsibility: KCP&L’s Tree Trimming Efforts

We work year-round to responsibly manage the impact of trees on power lines. Our tree trimming program helps reduce the impact of vegetation on lines.
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Your Responsibility: Tree Trimming Responsibilities

When vegetation interferes with the power line that connects directly to your house, trimming is your responsibility.
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Planting Guidelines: The Right Tree in the Right Place

Trees can shelter your home from the elements and add beauty to your landscape. But around power lines, it’s important to plan before you plant.
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Before You Trim Trees
Contact KCP&L Vegetation Management

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What is Vegetation?
Vegetation is trees or other plants, including bushes and vines.
Free Tree Mulch
  • Delivered when available from our tree trimming efforts.
  • Mulch may vary in shape and color.
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