Air Conditioning Upgrade Rebate

Earn up to $850 when you purchase a high-efficiency system with the KCP&L Air Conditioning Upgrade Rebate.

Air conditioner repair man

Stay cool and save money with an $850 instant rebate.

  • Find a KCP&L certified HVAC professional.
  • Have them evaluate your air conditioning system.
  • Earn up to $850 on a new high efficiency air conditioning system.

Older air conditioning systems often don’t cool your home as well as they should -- which means higher electric bills and an uncomfortably warm house. We’re making it easier to upgrade by offering rebates if you buy through participating HVAC dealers.

Why you should upgrade your air conditioner

  • An energy-efficient air conditioner reduces your energy use
  • You can save up to $850 on your purchase through KCP&L's air conditioning upgrade rebate
  • A cooler home helps you stay comfortable during the summer months

How to participate

  1. Find an HVAC professional who is KCP&L certified.  
  2. Schedule and complete an air conditioning system check-up.
  3. If eligible, replace your current system and you will receive an instant rebate. 
  4. Complete the air conditioning check-up and replace your current system with a new one. Your HVAC professional will list the rebate on your invoice as a credit or discount.
Rebate Amounts


New Equipment SEER* Level

$650 per new system

14 or 15 SEER

$850 per new system

16 SEER or higher

*The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is an indicator of the unit’s overall energy efficiency. A participating KCP&L certified HVAC contractor can help identify the SEER and/or EER rating of your equipment.

You are eligible if:

  • You are a KCP&L residential customer in Missouri.
  • Your current central air conditioning system works and has been tested by a KCP&L certified HVAC contractor.
  • Your new system meets the required SEER level (see above) and will be installed by a certified contractor.

Please refer to our full list of eligibility requirements.

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