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Billing and Payment

  • Why does my electric bill vary?
    • Your electric bill can vary depending on the season and your usage. Charges often rise in the hot summer months when air conditioners, fans and refrigerators work harder. Though your usage may typically be lower in the winter months, some customers add space heaters and electricity is used to run gas furnaces and electric heat pumps. A change in household size also can increase your electrical needs. Other reasons include the additional of electrical equipment like TVs, computers and hot tubs, as well as the increased use of tools and equipment for home improvement projects. You can level out monthly and seasonal billing differences with Budget Billing.
  • How can I get an additional copy of my KCP&L bill?
    • If you need an additional copy of your KCP&L bill, you can easily access it 24/7 through online account access. If you’re not already registered, it takes only a few moments. You then have access to all your account information and can quickly manage billing, payment and reminder settings—as well as print or download additional copies of your bill anytime.
  • How do I pay my bill online?
    • Log in to your account to pay your bill quickly and securely. If you don’t have an account, it’s simple and free to register.
  • What if I can't pay my bill?
  • Will you turn off my service when it’s cold?
    • We participate in the Cold Weather Rule, which ensures electric service for your home when temperatures reach a certain point. In Missouri, we will not disconnect service on a day when the 24-hour weather forecast predicts temperatures will drop below 32° F. In Kansas, we will not disconnect service on a day when the 48-hour weather forecast predicts temperatures will drop below 35° F.  You are still responsible for your bill. During the Cold Weather period November 1 - March 31, you may also qualify for special payment arrangements. To see if you qualify, call a customer service representative at 816-471-5275 816-471-5275 or 888-471-5275 888-471-5275.
  • What should I do if I lose power?
    • Let us know about your power outage so we can direct our crews to your location. The most efficient way to report an outage is through our online form or by calling our automated line at 1-888-LIGHT-KC 1-888-LIGHT-KC (544-4852). Visit our Report a Power Outage page for more information. 
  • How can I report a power outage?
    • Use our online form if you have access to the internet or a smartphone or call our automated response line at 1-888-LIGHT-KC 1-888-LIGHT-KC (544-4852). 
  • What if I call during an outage and can’t get through?
    • The best way to get your outage information to our crews quickly is through our online form or automated line at 1-888-LIGHT-KC 1-888-LIGHT-KC (544-4852). Our automated line is the quickest way to get information to our crews. You don’t need to speak to a customer service representative to report your outage, but they are available at 1-888-471-5275 1-888-471-5275. You may spend a bit of time on hold due to high call volumes during severe weather events, but we call in extra staff to reduce this as much as possible.
  • What happens when I report an outage?
    • When you call our automated telephone line 1-888-LIGHT-KC 1-888-LIGHT-KC (1-888-544-4852) or fill out our online form, your outage is recorded in our outage management system. Our restoration management team can see all the outages reported and prioritize work from there. Line crews are dispatched to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. Watch this video for more information.
  • What does KCP&L do to reduce outages?
    • We trim trees year-round to minimize potential damage, though we can’t prevent uprooted trees from causing outages during a storm. Our crews train frequently for outages due to adverse weather conditions. As the season and specific weather events approach, we put additional crew members, contractors and tree crews on alert. We also continually upgrade and expand our facilities to enhance reliability and keep pace with growth.
  • What are KCP&L’s guidelines for trimming trees?
    • We work year-round to responsibly manage the impact of trees on power lines. KCP&L’s tree trimming program helps reduce the impact of vegetation on lines. Our specially-trained team of utility foresters, supervisors and contractors maintain more than 24,000 miles of lines, which we inspect and address to eliminate potential issues. Learn more about specific tree trimming guidelines.
  • What is my responsibility for trimming trees?
    • If you have vegetation near the power line that runs from a pole to your meter, trimming is your responsibility. Learn more about how we can guide you through the process.
  • Can where I plant a tree affect its trimming needs?
    • Absolutely. Selecting the right tree and putting it in the right place can help ensure it won’t ever come into contact with power lines. Proper selection of trees and shrubs will minimize long-term maintenance, increase property value, enhance the environment and help ensure reliable electric service. The right tree in the right place can also improve energy efficiency, as carefully positioned trees can save up to 25% of a typical household’s energy consumption for heating and cooling.
  • If my tree interferes with a power line, how does KCP&L decide what to trim?
    • Tree trimming guidelines take into account the tree’s size, species, health and growth rate, as well as its proximity to power lines. Based on regulations, we trim vegetation to create clearance between power lines and the canopy of a tree. We also consider trees or limbs that could blow or fall into lines. Our crews maintain lines before trees and vegetation are close enough to cause outages, in a way that is consistent with good arboricultural practices. Trimmers try to preserve as much of a tree's beauty as possible while providing enough clearance between limbs and lines to assure safe and reliable electric service.
  • Will KCP&L pick up branches after trimming?
    • Our crews clean up debris from clearance efforts unrelated to outages. If there’s enough wood, we’ll cut it into pieces to fit a fireplace. However, when the vegetation interferes with the power line that runs from a pole to your meter, trimming and clean-up is your responsibility. In addition, when a power outage occurs, our immediate priority is to restore power to our customers. If trimming is necessary to get the lights back on, we ask you to clean up the outage debris so we can focus on the work of restoring power to the community. If you need help, check online or in your local directory for a reliable tree care company or lawn care service. Many cities in our service area offer debris pick-up or offer drop-off locations after major storm events.
  • How can I make my business more energy efficient?
    • Start with our Buiness Energy Analyzer, a simple online tool that estimates your energy use based on your specific profile. It's the first step towards reducing your electricity usage and costs. You can also review our energy saving tips.
  • Why does KCP&L offer energy efficiency programs?
    • We believe it makes sense for us to help our customers save energy and manage their costs. We can serve as a trusted resource to tell you about simple, low-cost projects like sealing cracks around your windows. And if you want to make more of an investment in home improvements, like new HVAC equipment, we can help you know what to look for and find the best local provider to install it. Our programs (available in some parts of our service area) give you rebates and incentives that help lower the cost of making improvements to your home. Because energy efficiency is a low-cost way to meet electricity needs, it keeps rates affordable–especially long-term. Everyone benefits from affordable electricity because it helps attract economic growth and jobs to our area.
  • Does KCP&L offer rebates for business energy efficiency?
    • In some parts of our service area, KCP&L offers programs where you can earn rebates or incentives for energy-efficiency improvements. Standard rebates encourage businesses to include energy efficiency measures into retrofit and new construction projects. The pre-qualified list of eligible measures includes lighting, air conditioning and motor upgrades. Custom rebates for energy efficiency improvements are tailored beyond what's available through the Standard Rebate program. Some of these programs are only available to customers in our Greater Missouri Operations service area. We would like to offer these types of programs in Kansas, but there are a variety of opinions on the best way to proceed. You can help us by communicating your desires for these programs to lawmakers and the Kansas Corporation Commission.
  • Why are some energy efficiency programs only available to KCP&L’s Greater Missouri Operations customers?
    • We’re a regulated utility, so by law we must be able to provide the amount of electricity our customers need. The Greater Missouri Operations portion of our service area needs more electricity. We could meet that need by building a power plant. Or we could offer energy efficiency programs, which are cheaper and more sustainable. While the other portions of our service area do not need additional capacity now, they will in the future. Energy efficiency is one way we will meet future electricity needs. It’s not a question of if we will provide new energy efficiency programs to all Missouri customers; it’s a question of when. While we would also like to offer these programs to our Kansas customers, there are a variety of opinions about the best way to proceed. You can help us by communicating your desires for these programs to lawmakers and the Kansas Corporation Commission.
  • Why are Solar Power Rebates only offered in Missouri?
    • The rebate program is mandated for Missouri investor-owned utilities, such as KCP&L, as part of Missouri's Proposition-C referendum. Proposition-C requires investor-owned utilities in Missouri to provide a specified percentage of energy sold to be derived from renewable resources. It also included a provision for solar power rebates. The Renewable Energy Standard statute for Kansas does not include provisions for a similar solar rebate component.
  • What is an electrical surge?
    • Also referred to as "spikes," electrical surges are sudden, brief rises in voltage that enter your home. The damage they cause may not be noticeable at first. But over time, your equipment could start to malfunction.
  • Do I really need surge protection?
    • Without some type of surge protection, excess voltage goes into your appliances or anything plugged in and can cause damage. You may not notice damage at the time a surge occurs. However, over time it will shorten the life of your appliances.
  • What is KCP&L’s service area?
    • KCP&L’s service area is about 18,000 square miles across 47 northwestern Missouri and eastern Kansas counties. It takes more than 3,000 miles of transmission lines, 24,000 miles of distribution lines and 320 substations to deliver power to our more than 800,000 customers. Take a look at our service area map.
  • How does electricity get to me?
    • From a generating facility, high-voltage electricity travels over transmission lines to local substations that decrease the voltage to a level residential and business electric customers can use. The stepped-down electricity moves through distribution lines to secondary lines, or tap lines, that deliver it to your neighborhood. Then, the power heads to the transformer on the pole near your house or in the box in your yard and on to your individual meter.
  • What fuel does KCP&L use to generate electricity?
    • KCP&L relies on a diverse energy mix for affordable and reliable electricity generation. Like many utility companies around the country, we depend on coal as a price-stable way to generate the electricity needed to supply our customers 24 hours a day. We supplement with power generated from other sources, including natural gas, wind, solar, nuclear, biogas and hydro.
  • What is KCP&L’s perspective on renewable energy?
    • Renewable energy—including wind, solar, biogas and hydro—makes up close to 9% of our diverse energy generation mix. Renewables are not yet capable of providing uninterrupted electricity, so they can’t be relied upon to serve our customers all the time. We continually explore ways to broaden our sustainable strategy and comply with renewable energy mandates.
  • How can I request a donation from KCP&L?
    • Our corporate contributions program evaluates donation requests according to a well-developed set of guidelines in line with our focus areas. Learn more about our criteria and how to submit a sponsorship or grant request.
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