Service Types and Order Forms

Before breaking ground on your next project, take time to review KCP&L's various service types and order forms.

Temporary Service During Construction

There are two types of temporary electric services: KCP&L-provided and customer-provided. 
  • KCP&L-Provided Service - This is available only in 120 volts, so only 120-volt equipment can be operated. No city or county inspection is required for this service.
  • Customer-Provided Service - This is generally a 120/240 volt, three-wire service, although other voltages may be available. City or governing agency inspections are required before KCP&L can connect this type of temporary service. 
NOTE: Remember to have the temporary service meter removed if no longer needed by calling (816) 471-KCPL (5275)(816) 471-KCPL (5275).

Permanent Service

Once the electrical work has been completed inside and out, call the appropriate jurisdictional electrical inspector's office (either city or county) for a safety inspection. This must be completed before KCP&L can connect your service. The inspector will contact KCP&L to approve connection, which generally occurs the following business day. Depending on the complexity, we may need to inspect outside your home or business one last time before scheduling a construction crew to connect the service.

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