Commercial and Industrial Pricing MPS

Missouri customers: Selecting the most appropriate rate for your business requires estimating your electrical requirements, now and in the future.

Kansas business customer? View your commercial and industrial pricing here.

Your choice of KCP&L’s Small, Medium and Large General Service or Large Power Service rates should be based on your facility’s kilowatt (kW) demand and load factor (hours of use versus maximum kW load). Commercial and industrial pricing is available for secondary and primary voltage applications.

Demand Determination

  • Monthly Maximum Demand is the sum of the average highest demand indicated on each meter in any 15-minute period during the month.
  • Facilities Demand is equal to the higher of: a) the highest monthly maximum demand occurring in the last 12 months including the current month, or b) the minimum demand.
  • Billing Demand is equal to the higher of: a) the monthly maximum demand in the current month, or b) the minimum demand.

Hours of Use Determination

  • Hours of Use are determined by dividing the total monthly kilowatt hours (kWh) on all meters by monthly maximum demand in the current month. Winter season hours of use exclude any separately metered space heat kW and kWh in the current month.
Learn more about commercial and industrial pricing and understanding your monthly bill.

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KCP&L's rates are set by the Kansas Corporation Commission and the Missouri Public Service Commission.

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