Service Area Map

The area KCP&L serves is divided into several regulatory jurisdictions called service areas. This map will help you determine in which service area your business is located, which can impact the rates, programs and services you receive.

KCP&L has one service area in Kansas and two service areas in Missouri:

  • KCP&L Kansas

  • KCP&L Missouri

  • KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations (GMO, formerly served by Aquila, St. Joseph Light & Power and Missouri Public Service)
KCP&L Service Area Map
KCP&L Kansas service area appears in blue above.
KCP&L Missouri service area appears in orange above.
KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations service areas appear in green above.

Locating Your Service Area

Your printed bill will show you your service area (see below). You may also find this information in your online account. Learn more about how to read your bill.

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