Save Energy & Money

home appliance rebates

Your Appliances Are Worth More Than You Think

Get a $75 rebate for every energy-wasting refrigerator or freezer you turn in. 

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More About Saving Energy & Money

cfl light bulbs
Energy-efficient Light Bulb Discounts

Save up to $5 on energy-efficient light bulbs at check-out when you shop at participating retailers. 

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Air Conditioning Upgrade Rebate
Air Conditioning Upgrade Rebate

Earn up to $850 when you purchase an energy-efficient cooling system

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KCPL Programmable Thermostat
Free Programmable Thermostat

Control your home's temperature from your computer or phone and reduce cooling costs up to 20%.  You'll also receive free installation and customer support at not charge.

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Helpful Services

Energy Analyzer
Home Energy Analyzer

Where are your energy dollars going? Knowing can help you reduce your electricity use and costs. 

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Income Eligible Weatherization

Weatherization can reduce energy costs up to 30%. Assistance is available to income-qualified customers. 

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