Block Bidding

Reserve our largest financial incentives for your planned energy efficiency projects.

Two colleagues in hard hats examining a cliipboardBlock Bidding provides large commercial and industrial customers with the opportunity to lock in financial incentives ranging from $50,000 to $1 million for planned efficiency projects. Funds are reserved during online reverse auctions where bidders compete for incentives – measured on a $/kWh or $/kW basis.

KCP&L may hold auctions separately for customers and for Trade Allies, with auctions held for specific technologies and incentive amounts. The pre-qualified bidder(s) with the lowest bid prices will lock in incentives for the completion of energy efficiency projects occurring and completing in the 2017-2018 program year.

Block Bidding benefits

  • Receive incentives in excess of the $100,000 per customer annual incentive cap
  • Reserve funds in advance to overcome the internal hurdle rates and incorporate into the capital planning processes
  • Trade Allies are eligible to receive a $28/kW bonus for Block Bidding projects that are implemented by October 1, 2017 

How it works

  1. Respond to the Block Bidding Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
    The next RFQ will be released in December 2016 with auctions to be held in March 2017. RFQ responses are due February 10, 2017.

  2. Pre-RFQ webinars will be held
    February 2, 2017. Register here.

    Please contact us at or (866) 979-4953 if you would like to be added to the list to receive the next Block Bidding RFQ. 

  3. Receive notification of RFQ status
    If your RFQ is approved, you will be pre-qualified to participate in specified Block Bidding auctions and will receive instructions for your participation. 

  4. Participate in online Block Bidding auctions
    During the live auction, pre-qualified bidders will be logged into an online platform and will actively submit bids to compete for the energy efficiency incentives. At the end of the auction, the bidder with the lowest price per kWh or kW is considered the winner of that auction and is then tasked with implementing project(s) that achieve energy savings. Customers who miss the live auctions will have the option to secure funding through a “buy now” incentive rate. The “buy now” incentive is set at a rate below the lowest secured winning auction rate.

  5. Implement energy efficiency projects
    Work with an authorized KCP&L Trade Ally to complete your large-scale energy saving projects. 

  6. Get paid
    You will receive your incentives upon completion of your project and rebate paperwork.

Customer eligibility

To be eligible for Block Bidding incentives, customers must:

  • Receive commercial electric service from KCP&L
  • Have a planned Custom energy efficiency project(s) expected to save in excess of 1 million kWh per year

Project eligibility

To be eligible for Block Bidding incentives, your project must:

  • Receive pre-approval prior to implementation
  • Meet all requirements outlined in the RFQ and Participant Guidelines
  • Be completed at locations within the state of Missouri that hold a KCP&L electric account
  • Have a minimum payback, based on first year electric cost savings, of at least two years

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For any questions about Block Bidding, please email us or call (866) 979-4953(866) 979-4953.
2017 Auction Dates
2017 Block Bidding auctions:
  • March 2017
Check in for future updates on auction dates.