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Grow your business with energy-efficiency rebates.

KCP&L offers a wide range of rebates designed to help your Missouri business customers complete energy- and money-saving projects. This provides contractors like you with the opportunity to close more sales and secure more business. 

Interested in becoming a KCP&L-authorized Trade Ally?

To be eligible to offer KCP&L rebates to your business customers, you will need to:

  1. Complete and submit the Trade Ally Alliance Participation Agreement.
  2. Complete the required program training. This typically takes one hour and helps set you up for success in offering our rebates to your customers. Contact your local outreach representative below to discuss your training options. 

Find your local outreach representative

Your dedicated outreach representative can help you become an authorized Trade Ally, arrange for training and answer any program questions you encounter.

Chris Thompson, Northern Region
(816) 398-2385 

Amie Clarke, Southern Region
(816) 674-8026 

The Northern Region covers all Trade Allies that are located in and/or serve counties north of the Missouri River and Jackson County (MO). The Southern Region covers all Trade Allies that are located in and/or serve counties south of the Missouri River excluding Jackson County (MO).

Available rebates: Standard and Custom and Small Business Lighting

KCP&L offers  Business Energy Efficiency rebates to Missouri customers—Standard, Custom and Small Business Lighting. More information on each type of rebate is provided below. We can also help you decide which rebates make the most sense for your customers.

Standard Rebates
Standard rebates are available for a wide range of equipment including LED and fluorescent lighting, air conditioners and heat pumps, water heating, refrigeration, air compressors and more.

Standard rebates do not require pre-approval. Simply ensure that the equipment you are selling and installing qualifies for a KCP&L Standard rebate and submit the Standard application along with required supporting documentation:

Custom Rebates
Custom rebates are available for projects not included in Standard rebates. Example Custom projects include, but are not limited to, HVAC systems, building controls and refrigeration projects. Custom rebates are calculated at a flat rate of $0.10/kWh saved. For example, if your project will save 50,000 kWh, the rebate will be $5,000. 

Please note that Custom rebates require written pre-approval prior to the purchase an installation of equipment/materials. Projects are reviewed to ensure they meet the KCP&L benefit vs. cost analysis, which accounts for energy savings, usage profile and incremental cost.

Custom program guidelines
  • Custom rebates are available for existing and new facilities. Customers may apply for individual or multiple efficiency measures within the same facility or across multiple sites.
  • The total amount a participant can receive during a program year is limited to $500,000 per customer in KCP&L-MO and GMO service areas.
  • Projects must be pre-approved prior to the purchase and installation of equipment/materials.
  • Projects must be completely installed and operational no later than 90 days from the pre-approval notice date. 
  • A complete custom final application must be received by the Program no later than 120 days from pre-approval notice date. 
  • Pre-approval rebates are granted and funds are reserved according to your original submittal. Scope changes can impact your rebate, up to and including project ineligibility. 
  • Many pre-approval notifications include specific contingencies that must be met. Failure to comply with stated contingencies can impact your rebate, up to and including project ineligibility. 
  • A post installation inspection may be required to verify installation completion and validate project energy savings. 
  • The rebate will be issued after the successful completion of the project, final engineering review has been conducted, and the final approval notice has been issued.

Note: Standard and Custom rebates are capped at a total annual incentive of $500,000, per tax ID and per territory.

Small Business Lighting

KCP&L Small Business Lighting offering helps small businesses make turnkey energy-efficient lighting improvements with rebates that could cover as much as 70% of the project’s cost.

Small Business Lighting currently offers these rebates for completing eligible lighting projects. Your contractor will provide a recommendation for which measures to pursue based on your current lighting and future business needs. Project rebates are capped at 70% of the project cost.

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Business Energy Efficiency Standard Rebates
Submit Final Documents
Email or call (866) 503-9092(866) 503-9092.
July 1 Standard Rebate Changes
The following Standard rebate changes are effective July 1, 2016: 
  • Removal of the 50% cap on standard lighting rebates
  • LED high-bay/low-bay rebate incentive levels increased and split into four categories based on wattage
  • Screw-in CFL rebate retired
Please ensure you are using the Standard rebate applications marked “Effective July 1, 2016” for any projects initiated on or after July 1.