Home Water Heater Protection

When a hot water heater breaks down, it’s a big deal.

KCP&L Home Water Protection Call​ 816-472-0432816-472-0432 if you currently have Water Heater Protection and need support. 

For those currently enrolled in Home Water Heater Protection, the program can help you get back to normal quickly by providing service whenever you need it and covering up to $850 annually for hot water heater repairs or replacement and installation. 

Water heater protection includes:

  • Up to $850 toward repairs or replacement annually for electric, propane and gas hot water heaters
  • Easy access to qualified professionals
  • Fully warranted repair work with parts and labor included
  • No added trip charges, service fees or after-hour expenses
Need to schedule a repair? Call 816-472-0432816-472-0432.

KCP&L is not accepting new enrollments in Home Water Heater Protection at this time. KCP&L Home Protection Programs are not regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission or the Kansas Corporation Commission.

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