Solar Power Rebate

The KCP&L Solar Power Rebate encourages the use of solar technology, a renewable power source that has a positive impact on the planet.

Solar panelsRenewable energy is a vital component of the future energy generation mix. The most popular type of solar power is photovoltaic (PV) cells in panels, strips or blocks. The cells turn the sun’s radiation into an electrical signal, which is converted for use in your home. You can rely on solar power to supply a percentage of your electricity, though most
customers also use backup power from the grid. We’re encouraging investment in solar energy by providing a rebate for solar power.​ You may also be eligible for Federal tax credits.

Missouri law determines that the costs of this program are shared among all our Missouri customers, not just those making an investment in solar energy. The payment of solar rebates is now subject to a one-time program limit, meaning the amount that KCP&L spends on rebates paid to solar customers cannot exceed $50 million in the KCP&L Great Missouri Operations area or $36.5 million in the KCP&L Missouri area. To find out which area you live in click here

Missouri law has also established the amount per watt used to calculate rebate payments every year until 2020, when the rebate program will end.* 

Earn a Rebate for Investing in Solar Power

Application received on or before December 31 of the year

Operational on or before June 30th of the year*

Solar Rebate per Watt
















2018 2019


2019 2020


*Rebates will be paid if the customer meets all the requirements but the operational date is missed due to actions by the company.

The Solar Power Rebate is a popular program and given the rebate program limit, we’ve established a transparent and fair application process.

Solar Power Rebate Process

  1. Net metering and solar rebate applications received.
  2. Net metering application administrative review.
  3. Net metering approved/denied within 10 days of receipt of application.
  4. Upon approval of the net metering application, KCP&L will also extend a solar rebate offer if funds are available. This will be considered the solar rebate offer acceptance date unless the customer notifies KCP&L within one week that the offer is not accepted.
  5. Following the administrative approval and solar rebate offer, the application proceeds to engineering and technical review. If your application is denied you will have five days to fix and resubmit the application without losing your place in the queue.
  6. Customers have six months from the solar rebate offer acceptance date to complete construction. An additional six months may be made available if the customer can prove significant progress to completion.
  7. When construction is complete, customer should request a field inspection from KCP&L by responding to the email notification that the net metering application was approved.
  8. Pending a successful inspection, KCP&L will have 30 days to schedule meter exchange. The day the meter is exchanged is the “system operational date,” which is the day your solar rebate payment begins processing.
  9. Solar rebate payments will be paid on a first come, first served basis determined by the acceptance date of the solar rebate offer.

Information on the amount of rebates paid with respect to the program limit for each service area (KCP&L Missouri and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations) is available here

*See Missouri House Bill HB 142. 

**Once your net metering application has been received by KCP&L and an initial review shows that the forms are filled out correctly, KCP&L Engineering will review the application. For projects 10 kilowatts or less, KCP&L has 30 days to review the net metering application. For projects more than 10 kilowatts, KCP&L has 90 days to review the net metering application.

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