Meter Replacement FAQs

Is the advanced meter network secure?
Yes. The equipment that KCP&L is installing is encrypted; this prevents any outside system access to meter information. KCP&L applies the same rigorous privacy protection to all data collected by the company including usage data collected by the meter system. We treat your personal information and data as confidential in compliance with all regulatory requirements, including those of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Missouri Public Service Commission and the Kansas Corporation Commission.
What are the benefits of these new meters?
The new meters will enable two-way communications between the meter and KCP&L. This allows for information to be sent to and from the meters and KCP&L, including improved outage notifications to KCP&L. This information can help KCP&L identify and repair potential issues more efficiently. Additionally, in the next few years during a subsequent phase of this project, these new meters will allow our Greater Kansas City Metro GMO customers’ access to daily electricity usage through our online portal, My Account.
Where can I find more information about this project?
You can learn more by calling us at (888) 471-5275.
Why is KCPL upgrading meters?
We regularly upgrade our metering infrastructure to ensure consistent, reliable service, in keeping with industry standards. We are in the process of exchanging meters throughout a majority of our service territory. Starting in 2014, the automated meters in most of our Greater Kansas City Metro KCP&L Legacy territory were exchanged as a part of this project and we have now moved into the 2nd phase of this exchange in our neighboring Greater Kansas City Metro GMO service territory.

Will these meters interfere with other wireless devices in my home?
The meter’s communication works similarly to the way a wireless router operates and should not interfere with any wireless device in the home.