Meter Replacement FAQs

Project Overview 

Why is KCP&L upgrading meters?
We regularly upgrade our metering infrastructure to ensure consistent, reliable service, in keeping with industry standards. Plus, all meters manufactured since 2004 are digital.


How many customers are impacted?
From 2014-2016, we replaced meters for most of our customers. We temporarily paused work so we could focus on our merger with Westar Energy. Now that those efforts are completed, we can conclude the AMI project by upgrading all remaining 182,000 KCP&L customer meters, which are primarily in rural areas.


What are the benefits of these new meters?
The new meters will enable two-way communications that allow information to be sent to and from meters and KCP&L, including improved outage notifications to KCP&L. This information can help us identify and repair potential issues more efficiently. Additionally, this final phase of the project will provide customers in our Greater Missouri Operations territory with access to daily electricity usage through our online portal, My Account.


Will there still be manual reads, and if so, what will happen to meter readers?
These new meters will eliminate the need for manual meter reads each month. Over the past couple of years, we didn’t replace jobs as meter readers retired or moved to other positions. We also worked with and will continue to work with our impacted meter readers to find placement elsewhere in the company.


Where can I find more information about this project?
You can learn more at, or by calling us at (888) 471-5275 (7 a.m.-7 p.m. weekdays).




What should I expect if my meter is scheduled to be installed?

  1. About one month before we install your new meter, you’ll receive a postcard detailing the meter exchange.
  2. On the day of the exchange, our contractor will knock on the door of the premises and alert you about the exchange.
  • If no one answers the door, the meter exchange will be completed, and a doorhanger will be left on your door, explaining that the installation took place and who to contact for additional information or questions. Because there will be a brief service interruption during installation, you’ll need to reset digital clocks and appliances.
  • If the meter is inaccessible, a different door hanger will be left, asking you to call to set up a meter exchange appointment.

Who will install the meters?
Most meters will be installed by a third-party crew under contract with KCP&L, but our employees will manage meters at some locations. Either way, workers be provided with official KCP&L identification.


What is the timeline for this project? When will I get my meter?
This last phase of the project is scheduled to start in January of 2019 and conclude in at the end of 2020. See for a high-level schedule.


What if I don’t want a new meter?
You must have metering in your home because this is how we record your electricity usage. Your current meter, which is owned by KCP&L, must be exchanged to continue functioning properly with our updated customer information system. Additionally, we’ll no longer have meter readers. That means you’ll need an automated meter so we can continue serving electricity to your location.


If you’re a Missouri customer, you do have the option to sign a contract and pay an initial $150 fee for us to set you up as a manual customer. However, you’d also have to pay a $45 monthly fee to cover the expense of sending a technician out to read your meter. Call one of our service representatives at (888) 471-5275 (7 a.m. - 7 p.m. weekdays) to enroll in this option.

  • Note: If you choose to have your meter read manually, we’ll still likely exchange your current meter for a new one. That’s because we regularly upgrade our metering infrastructure to ensure consistent, reliable service, in keeping with industry standards, and your current meter is due to be replaced. However, the two-way communication function will be disengaged for manually read meters.
  • This option only is available in Missouri. We currently don’t have the authority to offer an opt out program in Kansas.

Safety, Security, Health & Technology Concerns

Is the advanced meter network secure? Can people find out if I’m not home?
Protecting our customers’ information is a top priority. The equipment we’re installing is encrypted. This prevents any outside system access to meter information. We apply the same rigorous privacy protection to all data we collect, including usage data collected by the meter system. We treat your personal information and data as confidential in compliance with all regulatory requirements, including those of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Missouri Public Service Commission.


Will these meters interfere with other wireless devices in my home?
The meter’s communication works similarly to the way a wireless router operates and shouldn’t interfere with any wireless device in the home.


About the New Meters


How are the new meters different from the current ones?
Your current meter must be manually read each month by a person who reports that information to KCP&L. The new digital meters record electric energy use in 15-minute (or less) intervals and regularly communicate that info back to us.


Why does KCP&L use digital meters?
We use digital meters in most of our service area because nearly all electric meters being developed for the utility market today are digital. These meters record data digitally and allow for two-way communication between the meter and us, providing additional information—including improved outage notifications—that can help us identify and repair potential issues more quickly and efficiently.


How do digital meters help with service restoration?
Here’s one example: If an outage is suspected, or if outages are reported in certain areas, we’ll be able to test if other houses in that area have been affected by sending an inquiry to nearby meters to see if they have power. One challenge we face is that not all customers report outages. And for large scale events, our system has a harder time tracking the exact number of outages. While we still need customers to report any outage, two-way communications help us get a better sense of the scope of an outage.


Other Questions


Who owns the meter?
KCP&L owns and maintains the meter on your home or business. However, there are other responsibilities around the meter that may be yours. Click here for more information about meter responsibilities. 


Will I still need to contact KCP&L when I have a power outage?
Yes. Please continue reporting outages online or by calling 1-888-LIGHT- KC (1-888-544-4852). Our response line is automated because it’s the fastest way to get your information to our crews.


If you need to speak to a customer service representative, call (888) 471-5275.

Can I view my usage information?
Yes. My Account, our online customer portal, lets you view monthly bills, billing history, and electricity usage in monthly, daily or 15-minute increments.


Will this meter allow me to use my in-home display?
We’re not pursuing this option at this time, but we may consider it in the future. 


How do you ensure that the new meters record usage accurately?
The meters have been checked and tested by both us and the manufacturer, so we’re confident that the equipment is accurate.


How will KCP&L dispose old meters?
All old meters will be recycled at a local scrap meter recycling center.