Industry Topics

The energy industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of our customers and the environment.

Employees talking at power plantWe’re mindful of the major topics that affect the electrical utility industry. Starting in 2005, we addressed many of these with our Comprehensive Energy Plan—a value-focused, practical and environmentally-sensitive strategy to ensure sufficient generation, competitive prices and reliable service for decades to come. 

Electricity Generation: Our Balanced Portfolio

Our energy mix is responsive to factors like fuel prices as well as regulatory and legislative initiatives. Our priority is to meet customer needs at an affordable price.
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Electricity Delivery: Investing in Infrastructure

Behind every light switch is a complex grid of lines and infrastructure. We’re preparing the grid for growth, technology and renewables.
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Energy Efficiency: Encouraging Efficient Use

One way we can ensure reliable and affordable electricity is by offering solutions that reduce the amount of energy needed to power our customers’ lives.
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