Merger Savings Credit

If you were an active KCP&L Missouri customer as of Aug. 15, you received a Merger Bill Credit that reflects savings from our merger.

Now that KCP&L and Westar Energy have merged, our combined company makes us a stronger regional energy provider. We’ll create cost efficiencies as a larger company, which means savings for you, starting with a one-time bill credit.  

Who receives the credit?

All Missouri residents and businesses that were active KCP&L customers on August 15 will receive a credit on their September bill.  

Eligible Kansas customers will also receive a credit as a result of our current rate update request, which will conclude in December 2018. A credit to Kansas customer bills will be available shortly after. 

How much savings are customers receiving?

Missouri customers will receive over $14.9 million in credits, while Greater Missouri Operations (GMO) customers will receive over $14.2 million.  

Kansas customers will receive over $7.5 million in credits.  

How were the credits calculated?

The total savings to be shared as a bill credit were divided between KCP&L service areas (KCP&L-Missouri, KCP&L-Kansas and Greater Missouri Operations, as well as Westar Energy) based on the level of energy sales for each. Ultimately, service areas with higher levels of energy sales received a higher portion of the total credits.

For more information, view rate case settlements for Missouri here (EM-2018-0012) and Kansas here (18-KCPE-095-MER).