Questions about the Merger

KCP&L and Westar will soon become Evergy. Find answers to frequently asked questions about the merger.

KCP&L and Westar have merged and are combining operations to create a stronger regional energy provider for you with increased savings, sustainable energy and innovative solutions.

What changes and what stays the same?

As a KCP&L customer, does anything change for me?
At this time, you won’t see any changes. You may pay your bill, report outages, and reach us in the same way as before. In the future, you’ll see cost efficiencies that will translate to savings and less frequent rate increases.

Where do I report an outage now?
KCP&L customers should continue to report outages online or at 888-544-4852.

What is Evergy?
Evergy is the name of the holding company formed by the merger of Great Plains Energy and Westar Energy. Sometime in 2019, we will rename KCP&L and Westar to Evergy in all the communities we serve. We will communicate any changes that affect how you interact with us in advance of our name's changing.

What number do I need to call for help with my account?
Continue to call 888-471-5275 for account questions.

Will rates change because of this merger?
There will be no increases to base rates for at least five years, and this merger will allow cost efficiencies that will translate to savings and less frequent rate increases.

Billing and payment

I'm on a payment plan. Does this change my payment schedule?
Nothing has changed for your plan. Please continue to pay on the schedule you and your customer care representative set up, in the same manner you were paying previously.

To whom do I make out my checks when paying my bill?
Continue to make your checks payable to KCP&L.

Do I need to set up my autopay again?
No. Nothing has changed with your current billing preferences.

What is the Merger Savings Credit?
Now that KCP&L and Westar Energy have merged, our combined company operations help make us a stronger regional energy provider. We’ll create cost efficiencies as a larger company, which means savings for you, starting with a one-time bill credit. Find out more here.

Will I need to update anything when I pay my Evergy bill?
For most customers, there will be no change in how you pay your bill and no action required from you. If the way you pay your bill does require an update, we'll reach out to you to communicate any changes.