Supplier Diversity

KCP&L is committed to increasing opportunities for diverse suppliers and enhancing the competitiveness of the supply base.

CEO Terry BasshamA community is only as strong as the businesses that support it. When we contribute to the success of diverse suppliers, we start a cycle where the supplier, KCP&L and the local economy all benefit. Learn more about who qualifies for the Supplier Diversity Program and how we build relationships with emerging minority and women-owned businesses in the community.

A Message from Terry Bassham, Chairman and CEO of Great Plains Energy and KCP&L 

“We believe it’s important to tap into the power of a diverse and exceptional supplier base. Competitive strength is best achieved when different groups of people work together to find innovative energy solutions. For more than two decades, we've supported Minority and Women Business Enterprises in their efforts to compete for corporate contracts and succeed in every sector of our business. 

Today more than ever, we’re accelerating the pace of innovation by working with innovative suppliers who can take us to the next level. We want to form business relationships with companies that supply high-quality materials and services at competitive prices. Everyone here—from the leadership team to crews working to keep the lights on—is committed to increasing the company’s use of diverse suppliers. 

KCP&L has been recognized by the community as a business partner of choice by improving life in the communities we serve. We look forward to building or continuing a partnership with your company.”


We’re proud to have earned several industry awards for our commitment to supplier diversity.

Edison Electric Institute

  • 2013 Supplier Diversity Excellence Award 

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

  • 2012 Champions of Diversity Award 

Mid-America Minority Business Development Council 

  • 2012 Corporation of the Year 
  • 2012 MBE Coordinator of the Year (Valerie Coyazo)
  • 2012 Buyer of the Year (April Toliver) 
  • 2012 Buyer of the Year (George Nunnemacher) 
  • 2012 Buyer of the Year (Sherri Tomek) 
  • 2011 CEO of the Year (Mike Chesser)
  • 2011 MBE Coordinator of the Year (Valerie Coyazo) 
  • 2011 Buyer of the Year (Penny Wilson) 
  • 2010 MBE Coordinator of the Year (Valerie Coyazo)
  • 2010 Buyer of the Year (Penny Wilson)

Minority Enterprise Development Council

  • 2011 Corporation of the Year 

Guadalupe Center

  • 2010 Business of the Year 
  • 2009 Business of the Year