KCP&L Clean Charge Network Support

News of our KCP&L Clean Charge Network is quickly spreading. We've received local, regional and national support for this groundbreaking project.

The State of Kansas

“This program is an example of the strong partnerships that improve our communities and benefit our citizens. I congratulate KCP&L and their community partners on this effort that will help make our region more attractive to businesses.”
- Governor Sam Brownback

The State of Missouri

“Today’s announcement is another great example of how Missouri continues to lead the way toward a more sustainable energy future from right here in the heartland. The Clean Charge Network will help cement Kansas City’s position as a center of next-generation automotive technology and innovation, while benefiting drivers and communities alike.”
- Governor Jay Nixon

Kansas City Area Development Council

"Today’s announcement accelerates our region’s ability to attract a new generation of tech-savvy, educated and skilled professionals. It also marks a key milestone in shedding the outdated image some still have of KC, and will provide a significant boost to our region’s competitiveness. It will especially have a transformational impact on our ability to attract companies looking to hire a new generation workforce."

"While on the surface this is about a new technology, in reality it is about the resurgence of Kansas City. It is a very big statement that the old days of 'aw shucks' are only glimpsed in the rear view mirror. I am especially eager to start sharing this new lifestyle asset with the corporate decision makers that are evaluating our region as a location where they will invest in their company’s future."

"KCP&L is truly breaking new ground with the launch of the Clean Charge Network in KC. This innovative endeavor provides a unique lifestyle advantage for KC residents today and into the future."
- Bob Marcusse, President and CEO

Mid-America Regional Council

"The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) applauds the efforts of KCP&L as a regional leader in sustainable initiatives such as the Clean Charge Network. These infrastructure improvements encourage the use of electric vehicles, which can help reduce the impact of tailpipe emissions on our local air quality as we strive to maintain compliance with federal standards. Our region benefits from having forward-thinking and community-minded utility providers - we look forward to continued progress toward a cleaner and healthier Kansas City."
- David Warm, Executive Director

Ford Motor Company

"We are pleased to see Kansas City Power & Light taking great steps to help drivers charge their plug-in vehicles. Ford customers drive over a half of a million miles a day on electricity, and we are fully supportive of any efforts to increase the number of all-electric miles and find innovative ways to maximize the number that are carbon-free."
- Mike Tinskey, Global Director of Vehicle Electrification & Infrastructure

General Motors

"We applaud the leadership being shown by KCP&L when it comes to deploying EV charging infrastructure in the Midwest. This program will help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, like the Chevrolet Volt, which has developed a strong and enthusiastic fan-base. KCP&L is on the forefront when it comes to helping expand the electric vehicle market and we look forward to working together to keep this positive momentum going."
- Britta Gross, Director for Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy

Nissan Motor Company

"As the leader in electric vehicle sales with LEAF, Nissan is investing to install chargers across the country to support EV owners and to encourage further adoption. We applaud KCP&L's commitment to provide EV charging, and we look forward to working to serve our shared customers - Nissan LEAF drivers in Kansas City."
- Brendan Jones, Director of EV Sales and Infrastructure Deployment

Tesla Motors

"Tesla congratulates Kansas City Power & Light on its announcement today to establish the Clean Charge Network. Tesla’s mission is to catalyze the world’s transition to electric vehicles and the bold steps taken by KCP&L help further this innovative and uniquely American solution to our transportation needs."

"The proliferation of the Clean Charge Network charging stations will provide additional convenience and assurance for EV customers answering the question of where they can charge. These charging stations will encourage domestic production and distribution of electricity, which strengthens state and federal economies and diversifies our greater energy portfolio."

"Tesla is proud to participate in this announcement and support KCP&L in its endeavors. Efforts by leaders in industry such as KCP&L will help more consumers learn about the benefits and advantages of driving electric."
- James C. Chen, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Associate General Counsel 

Edison Electric Institute

"EEI commends KCP&L for its leadership in undertaking the Clean Charge Network and making a significant investment in electrification. Advancing plug-in electric vehicles and technologies is a key industry priority, and investing in charging stations will help lead to the continued development and increased adoption of electric vehicles. These investments will benefit all consumers by making the grid more efficient."
- Tom Kuhn, President

Electric Power Research Institute

“This project is the first integrated regional approach to providing plug-in electric vehicle infrastructure in the country. Research shows that a coordinated regional deployment of infrastructure is critical to supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. By pursuing this coordinated approach, KCP&L is able to minimize costs and impacts to the power system.”
- Dan Bowermaster, Program Manager of Electric Transportation