2014 Microgrant Winners

In 2014, 17 environmental projects out of 135 entries received a KCP&L Micro-Grant.

In June 2104, we invited nonprofits in our service area to submit an application for the Energizing Our Environment Microgrant Program. Our goal was to help support environmental projects in the communities we serve.

17 projects from all over our service area received a KCP&L Microgrant in 2014. Their creativity and commitment to the good of their community are inspiring. Here are four that show the diversity of submissions received. 

Underwater rescue volunteerLee’s Summit Underwater Recovery, Inc.
“The Lee’s Summit Underwater Recovery Team is a professionally trained, all-volunteer organization dedicated to locating and removing fuel, battery acid and other debris that contaminates and destroys the environment and waterways used for drinking water,” explained Jennifer Feller, training officer.

Their grant will fund additional volunteer training in the “very dangerous low or no-visibility” diving conditions that are common in this region.

Electronic recycling binUniversity of Central Missouri campus E-Team
Social Enterprise for Entrepreneurs is a course that provides students real-world experience as they prepare for a socially aware entrepreneurial career. This class has identified a student need to recycle electronic items.

Their grant will provide five clearly labeled recycling bins in key campus locations that will help keep toxic substances out of the landfills and water supply.

Honey bees in hiveJohnson County (Spring Hill) 4-H honeybee education 
This new Johnson County 4-H special interest club for will teach members the important and underestimated role bees play in agriculture. “I had no idea about the decreasing bee population and the effects of colony collapse disorder,” said Christy Milroy, parent community sponsor. 
The grant will be used to purchase 2-3 hives, 2-3 nucs of bees, 2 smokers, hive tools, veils and gloves. 

Elementary school plastic water bottle and milk jug recyclingPickett Elementary (St. Joseph) plastics recycling program
A student-led environmental group called Save Our Earth wants to offer plastics recycling, beginning with water bottles and milk jugs.

“Although this type of recycling is nothing new in other communities, it’s a new concept in St. Joseph,” said school Principal Sarah Gerving. The project will “teach that recycling plastic is a responsibility all share and cultivate a lifetime recycling habit for all students.”

The grant will purchase seven ULine trash cans (one for each grade), a low-profile floor scale to weigh each classes’ recycled plastics and 12 T-shirts for the Save Our Earth group.