Proposed Extension of Energy Efficiency Programs

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The utility proposes to extend and expand existing successful energy efficiency programs, enabling continued investment in its customers and region 
Kansas City, Mo. (Dec. 22, 2011) — Today KCP&L filed its request for new and enhanced energy efficiency programs under the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act (MEEIA). This makes KCP&L the first utility to file a proposal under MEEIA with the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC). 
“We believe in energy efficiency. We believe in investing in our customers to help them reduce energy usage, save money and make local businesses more competitive,” said Mike Chesser, Chairman and CEO of KCP&L. “The energy efficiency programs in this filing are the lowest cost option to meet our customers’ energy needs. It is environmentally friendly. And we are excited to file for approval to create an expanded and sustainable portfolio of energy efficiency programs to benefit our customers and community.” 
As part of its Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP), KCP&L began a series of energy efficiency pilot programs in 2005. Six years later, KCP&L has built a virtual power plant with more than 200 MW’s of demand reduction programs in use by KCP&L customers today. This is the equivalent of two natural gas peaking power plants. More popular demand response programs, such as Energy Optimizer and MPower have more than 50,000 residential and 500 business customers actively participating. In addition, KCP&L’s energy efficiency investments have directly created more than 100 local jobs over the last six years. 
“If we are able to obtain approval of our filing and receive adequate recovery for our energy efficiency programs, MEEIA allows us to take private capital and invest it in Missouri,” said Chesser. “This puts local plumbers, electricians, carpenters and contractors back to work, and boosts the local economy for retailers and HVAC companies at a time when we desperately need it.” 
If approved, KCP&L will extend and expand several of its popular residential and commercial energy efficiency pilot programs like Energy Optimizer, Cool Homes and MPower making them permanent customer offerings. In addition the company is proposing five new programs to help customers save energy and ultimately money on their monthly bills. 
These new programs include:
  • Commercial Energy Management Program: This program will provide training and certification for energy efficiency building operation, coupled with rebates for energy efficiency retrofits and energy management systems. 
  • Appliance Turn-In: Through this program KCP&L would pick up and dispose of older, less-efficient appliances, like refrigerators, from customers’ homes in exchange for $75. 
  • Lighting & Appliances: This program offers various rebates to customers for making a host of recommended energy efficient upgrades, without needing an energy audit. 
  • Energy Reports Pilot Program: Now you can view not only your energy usage, but you’ll also have the opportunity to measure your usage against your neighbors’ and other homes similar to yours. 
“KCP&L’s new programs and the enhancements to existing pilot programs are focused on our customers,” said Chesser. “We know that our customers are looking for ways to save energy and money; with approval of our proposal we will have an expanded suite of programs to do just that.” 
In 2009 KCP&L helped create the Energy Efficiency First Coalition (, a group of more than two hundred businesses, local governments, schools and environmental organizations who worked together to generate awareness and show support for energy efficiency initiatives in Missouri. Out of the coalition's efforts, Missouri Senate Bill 376 (MEEIA) was passed in 2009, making it the policy of Missouri to pursue all cost effective investments in energy efficiency. The Missouri Public Service Commission finalized regulations to allow implementation of MEEIA in 2010. 
“This is a historic day for energy policy in Missouri and I commend the leadership of Governor Jay Nixon and Senator Brad Lager for their forward-looking vision,” said Chesser. “I also want to commend and thank all of the people who worked together to create a fair and balanced framework to encourage energy efficiency. The Missouri Public Service Commission, The Missouri Public Service Commission Staff, the Office of Public Counsel, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and all the members of the Energy Efficiency First Coalition worked together for years to get to this point. We would not be here today without all of their efforts.” 

The next step in this process is for the MPSC to review and consider KCP&L’s request. The Commission has 120 days to review and make a final ruling. To learn more about KCP&L’s existing programs go to and click on Save Energy and Money. 
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