KCP&L Offers Assistance and Tips to Customers During Heat Wave

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Kansas City, Mo. (July 20, 2011) – As temperatures and heat indices in Kansas City and surrounding areas reach 90 degrees and higher, KCP&L wants to make sure all customers stay safe and cool during the extreme heat. 
KCP&L volunteers are contributing to heat relief efforts. Over the past few weeks KCP&L employee volunteers have donated more than 200 fans to 20 community agencies throughout its service territory and partnered with the Bishop Sullivan Center to install air-conditioning units in the homes of low-income elderly customers. So far this summer, Bishop Sullivan has installed nearly 200 air conditioners. KCP&L has been partnering with Bishop Sullivan for five years. 
“KCP&L’s employees have really embraced the company’s commitment to improving life in the communities we serve,” said Elizabeth Danforth, senior manager of KCP&L Public Affairs. ”The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority during extreme weather and there are several easy steps customers can take to stay cool.” 
During periods of extreme hot weather, customers can: 
  • Seek a cool public place, such as a library or mall if they do not have an air conditioning system or fan. Customers can call United Way 2-1-1 for assistance or more information about public cooling centers. 
  • Close window shades, blinds, drapes and curtains whenever the sun is shining through the window to reduce warming in the home. 
  • Open up unused rooms. The central air-conditioning system will work more efficiently. 
  • Use a microwave whenever possible since it uses less electricity and creates less heat than a conventional oven. 
  • Stay hydrated during times of extreme heat. Drink approximately eight glasses of water throughout the day. 
For more tips about how to stay cool and save energy during this heat wave, visit this page. For other assistance during hot weather, KCP&L customers can call the Customer Care Center at 888-471-5275.
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