KCP&L Smartgrid Innovation Park Opens

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Educational kiosk and equipment showcase cutting-edge technology 
Kansas City, Mo. (Oct. 12, 2012) — Today, at an event with Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II, KCP&L officially opened its SmartGrid Innovation Park. The park is open to the public and is located at 4727 Tracy Ave. in Kansas City, Mo. 
KCP&L SmartGrid Innovation Park is an educational experience where visitors will learn about how KCP&L is piloting future energy technologies and enhancing the electric grid in Kansas City’s urban core as a part of the SmartGrid Demonstration Project. At the park, visitors will see one of 13 SmartGrid solar arrays as well as a sophisticated, lithium ion battery storage system, one of the largest of its kind in the country. 
“Our SmartGrid project affects not only customers living and working in this area. What we are learning as part of this project about energy storage, advanced renewable energy technologies and improvements to our electric system will benefit all customers as we prepare for the future of energy,” said Terry Bassham, KCP&L president & CEO. “It is an exciting time for the electric industry and we invite all customers to come out and see some of the new applications being piloted with customers and KCP&L." 
One attraction for visitors to the park is an informational kiosk that explains several different aspects of the Demonstration Project including how power is delivered, the customer in-home experience and the history of electric meters.  
“This exciting development captures the essence of the hard work going on in Kansas City’s Green Impact Zone,” said Congressman Cleaver. “This is a giant step forward and I commend the hundreds of people who have spent thousands of hours in this public/private partnership to get us to this day. For decades, this part of Kansas City has suffered from disinvestment and disappointment, but now continues the transformation into an economically thriving and energy-efficient treasure in the very heart of the city.” 
In addition to opening the park at the event, KCP&L also announced the future locations of its SmartGrid electric vehicle charging stations and solar arrays.

With the help of a grant from the United States Department of Energy, KCP&L is investing more than $50 million in the SmartGrid Demonstration Project through 2015. The SmartGrid Demonstration Area includes several neighborhoods in and around Kansas City’s Green Impact Zone. Approximately 14,000 customers live and own businesses in the SmartGrid Demonstration Area.

About KCP&L: 
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