KCP&L Customer Scam Warning

KCP&L 24-Hour Media Hotline 
Kansas City, Mo. (April 4, 2013) – KCP&L is issuing a warning to customers of a scam. The scammers appear to be calling from a phone number associated with KCP&L. They are telling customers there is a problem with their meters and that payment is necessary in order for the problem to be resolved. They are also giving very specific instructions for payment. These calls are not associated with KCP&L. 
If customers receive calls similar to this do not render payment without ensuring the recipient is an actual representative of KCP&L. Also, never give credit card, debit card, Social Security, ATM, checking or saving account numbers to anyone who comes to your home, calls, texts or sends an e-mail requesting this information without also verifying the person is with KCP&L. If you are suspicious of anyone collecting information on KCP&L’s behalf, call the KCP&L Customer Contact Center at (888) 471-5275(888) 471-5275, prior to supplying personal or payment information. 
About KCP&L: 
Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., Great Plains Energy Incorporated (NYSE: GXP) is the holding company of Kansas City Power & Light Company and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company, two of the leading regulated providers of electricity in the Midwest. Kansas City Power & Light and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations use KCP&L as a brand name. More information about the companies is available on the Internet at www.greatplainsenergy.com or www.kcpl.com.