KCP&L Tips for Spring Storms

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Kansas City, Mo. (April 9, 2013) – Spring storm season is upon us and KCP&L wants to help customers be prepared. In the Midwest, severe spring storms are most likely to occur April through July. 
“As a utility, we expect to see storms in our service territory throughout the year, but the severity and extent of damage is the unknown for every storm season,” said Chris Kurtz, Senior Director of Operations. “Because of that our crews train, practice and prepare throughout the year for all types of storm scenarios.” 
Customers can take several steps to prepare themselves and their homes for a spring storm. A few tips include: 
  • Compile a list of emergency contacts, including 1-888-LIGHTKC (1-888-544-4852)(1-888-544-4852) and kcpl.com/reportoutage for reporting an outage to KCP&L. Customer reports are the best way for KCP&L to know about a power outage and they provide information that helps better determine the full extent of the outage. 
  • Assemble a storm kit that contains a battery-powered radio or TV, flashlights, blankets and other essential items. Keep it centrally located, and ensure all family members know where to find it. See a video on how to build your own storm kit here
  • Register with KCP&L as a Medical Customer by calling (816) 471-5275(816) 471-5275 if any members of your household are homebound and depend on electrical life-support equipment that is not supported by back-up power supply. KCP&L wants to remind those who are already registered as Medical Customers that the program requires an annual enrollment process and an application that involves doctors’ approval. For more information visit kcpl.com/residential/medicalcust. 
  • When a storm threatens your area, watch the local news (TV, radio and/or online) and check our Facebook page for regular updates. After a storm, stay clear of downed power lines. If the lines are on the ground, they may be energized and deadly. Contact KCP&L immediately to report a power outage or downed power lines. 
  • If the power is out at your home, disconnect or shut off appliances that will automatically come on when the power is restored such as a washer or dryer, air conditioner and television. If all appliances come on at once, it may overload the circuits. 
KCP&L also takes steps to prepare for inclement weather, like thunderstorms, well before they arrive and potentially cause significant damage to the system. 
“KCP&L prepares year-round for storms and power outages,” said Kurtz. “One important component to our preparation is drills with local cities and emergency preparedness agencies.” 
This video provides more information about some of the things we do to prepare for a storm. 
Once a storm hits and there are power outages, KCP&L does everything possible to quickly and safely restore power. The company is a leader in the Midwest for storm response and is recognized nationally for system reliability. Also in 2012, KCP&L received Edison Electric Institute’s Emergency Assistance Award for providing outstanding assistance to fellow utilities impacted by disaster events. 
For the most up-to-date information about power outages and restoration, view our real-time PowerWatch
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