KCP&L Customers Encouraged to Take Advantage of Payment Assistance

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KCP&L Encourages Customers to Take Advantage of Payment Assistance Opportunities
The Cold Weather Rule ends March 31, and KCP&L wants to educate customers about available payment assistance.

Kansas City, Mo. (March 20, 2014) – After a record-breaking winter in this region, KCP&L wants customers to be aware of the range of payment assistance programs available to those facing high electricity bills. As the Missouri Public Service Commission and Kansas Corporation Commission’s Cold Weather Rules end this month, KCP&L urges customers who are behind on their bills and have not yet established payment arrangements to contact KCP&L prior to April 1.

“We know that some of our customers may have fallen behind on their electric bills due to financially stressful times,” said Lori Shaffer, senior manager of KCP&L Customer and Community Affairs. “We want to assist those customers in their search for payment solutions and if possible, connect them to local agency funding programs.”

By contacting KCP&L before the end of the month, customers who are behind on their electric bill can establish a payment plan before the Commissions’ Cold Weather Rule is lifted. In Missouri and Kansas the Cold Weather Rule is in effect November 1 through March 31 each year. It prohibits all utilities from disconnecting service based on lack of payment during extremely cold temperatures. The rule also provides certain types of payment arrangements for up to 12 months. To take advantage of these arrangements, customers must call the KCP&L Customer Service Center at 1-888-471-5275 while the Cold Weather Rule is still in effect.

In addition to the payment arrangements offered under the Cold Weather Rule, KCP&L has various programs and services to help customers. Customers who are interested in payment options should visit www.kcpl.com/financialassist. This site highlights customer assistance available at KCP&L as well as other agencies; customers can access information about various financial assistance programs they may qualify for in each state.

“We want to work with our customers during these difficult times,” said Shaffer. “We want to find payment solutions that can help our customers to avoid service disconnection.”

If you want to help someone who has fallen behind in their bills, consider an Energy Gift. An Energy Gift provides an opportunity to help a friend or family member. This gift lets you help someone by making a payment toward their KCP&L bill. You do not have to be a KCP&L customer yourself to purchase this gift, anyone can purchase an Energy Gift for one of KCP&L’s customers.

Another option for helping those in need is by making a one-time or monthly contribution to KCP&L’s Dollar-Aide Program: KCP&L matches 50 cents for every dollar contributed. For more than 30 years, Dollar-Aide has helped thousands of families pay their heating, cooling and water bills during financially pressing times.

For additional information or to help out please visit: www.kcpl.com/EnergyGift.

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