KC&PL Reaches Agreement to Expand Energy-Efficiency Programs in Missouri

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If approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission, KCP&L will invest in customers and bring successful energy programs to all Missouri customers.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (May 29, 2014) — On Tuesday, KCP&L and other interested parties reached an agreement to expand the utility’s energy-efficiency programs to all Missouri customers. If approved, these programs will help customers save energy and money by implementing energy-efficiency measures in their homes and businesses.

“These energy-efficiency programs have helped our Greater Missouri Operations customers save millions of kilowatt hours of electricity,” said president and CEO Terry Bassham. “We hope to offer more of our customers the chance to save money in their homes and businesses with these programs.”

If the Missouri Public Service Commission approves the agreement, all KCP&L Missouri customers will be able to participate in these energy-saving programs starting in July. Customers will be able to earn rebates for energy-efficient lighting, recycling old appliances and replacing inefficient cooling systems, among other things.

KCP&L filed for these programs under the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act (MEEIA) in January. KCP&L was the first and only utility in Missouri to support and fully advocate for MEEIA to be passed in 2009. This act allows all utilities in Missouri, like KCP&L, to offer energy-efficiency programs to customers.

The proposed expansion of these energy-saving programs offers all KCP&L customers a long-term energy solution that not only keeps the cost of electricity low, but also helps the environment. These energy-efficiency investments allow for a delay in building additional power plants that would otherwise be necessary in order to meet growing customer demand.

“The additional investment in energy efficiency would further our commitment to providing our customers with cleaner, more affordable electricity,” said Bassham. “These programs would help us ensure we are able to supply our region with reliable electricity for decades to come.”

Energy-Efficiency Programs Expanding

For more information on KCP&L’s proposed energy-efficiency programs, visit www.kcpl.com/newprograms.

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