KCPL Announces Nine New Ways to Save Energy and Money

Kansas City, Mo. (April 12, 2016) – KCP&L is revealing nine new residential and business energy-efficiency programs, which reward customers with rebates and other incentives to help them save on their energy bills. In total, KCP&L is offering 17 energy efficiency options for its customers in Missouri. KCP&L also filed a request with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) to offer similar programs to customers in Kansas, beginning in early 2017. If approved, KCP&L will have energy-saving programs available for all of its customers.

“We’ve been able to take the experience and feedback during our first round of Missouri programs and develop new programs that we believe will help all customers, from major businesses to those renting apartments,” said Kim Winslow, director of Energy Solutions for KCP&L. “These new energy savings options will make it easier for every Missouri customer to save money on their utility bills, while also making valuable updates to their homes or business. And, we look forward to bringing these opportunities to our Kansas customers early next year.”

New programs in Missouri offer quick savings and ways to save on energy bills over time.
For example, through the new LED Discount, customers can save up to $4 instantly at check-out when purchasing select LED bulbs at area retailers. In addition to the instant discount, LED bulbs keep giving back by continuing to save customers energy costs over the lifetime of the bulb.  

KCP&L is also offering options that help homeowners save money on some of their appliances that use the most energy, like heating and cooling equipment. Using KCP&L’s Heating and Cooling Rebate, homeowners can see huge savings on new systems when they repair or replace broken and inefficient models with more energy-efficient systems. Updating air conditioning units can mean big savings on electricity bills over time because these can be one of the busiest appliances in a home during the spring and summer.

In addition to offering savings for homeowners, businesses, both big and small, can tap into tools, rebates and energy experts to help them find tailored energy savings through KCP&L’s Business Energy Savings. From new lighting rebates to custom energy-efficiency solutions, businesses can choose from eight different offerings to fit their unique objectives.  

KCP&L is the first utility in Kansas to request energy-saving programs for customers, under KEEIA.
KCP&L recently requested these programs through the Kansas Energy Efficiency Investment Act (KEEIA). These energy-saving programs will offer all KCP&L customers a long-term energy solution that not only keeps the cost of electricity lower, but also helps the environment. These energy-efficiency investments allow for a delay in building additional power plants that would otherwise be necessary in order to meet growing customer demand. 

“We know that these energy efficiency programs have been long awaited by customers in Kansas,” said Dorothy Barnett, executive director of the Climate + Energy Project. “We’re excited that KCP&L has taken leadership by being the first utility in the state to request programs under KEEIA. Because of our commitment to energy efficiency, we believe these programs will benefit everyone in the long-term.”

Not only is KCP&L the first to request these programs under KEEIA, but was also the first utility to support KEEIA to be passed in 2014. This act allows all utilities in Kansas, like KCP&L, to offer energy-efficiency programs to customers. A similar law was passed in Missouri in 2009, which is why KCP&L has been offering these programs to Missouri customers for the past several years. 

“Energy efficiency is just one piece of our efforts to provide our customers with cleaner, more affordable electricity,” Winslow said. “These programs will help us supply our region with reliable electricity for decades. We’re excited to do this in a way that brings our customers more options to save energy and money.”

For more information about Missouri programs visit www.kcpl.com/save


About KCP&L:
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