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Kansas City, Mo. (April 26, 2016) – Those of us living in the Midwest know spring storm season has begun. From April to July our region is likely to see strong storms and we, at KCP&L, are prepared. We wanted to make sure our customers are ready too so we asked them what they wanted to know about power outages and restoration during storms. And our restoration experts answered!

Here are the top five questions and answers: 
  1. What is the best way to report an outage?
    Answer: The best way to report an outage is to call our automated reporting line at 1-888-LIGHTKC (544-4252) or online through your mobile phone. These are the quickest ways to report outages because often, during these times, call volumes are high and you may have to wait to speak to our live customer service representatives. Rest assured, our live representatives are working around the clock, just like our crews, to help get your power restored as soon as possible. You can check to confirm we have a record of your outage report.
  2. How do I stay prepared prior to a storm?
    Answer: Unfortunately, there is no perfect recipe to guarantee your lights always stay on during severe weather. “Storms happen and we do our best to get your lights back on as quickly and safely as possible,” said Chris Kurtz, KCP&L senior director of operations. “However, there are several ways you can prepare prior to the arrival of a storm.” Start with compiling a list of emergency contacts including our outage reporting information. Create your very own storm kit that contains a battery-powered radio or TV, flashlights, blankets and other essential items. When a storm threatens your area, watch the local news and check KCP&L’s Facebook page and Twitter account for regular updates.
  3. How do I report trees that need to be trimmed prior to or after a storm?
    Answer: Our specially-trained team of utility foresters, supervisors and contractors maintain more than 24,000 miles of lines, which we inspect and address to eliminate potential issues. If you see a potential issue with trees on lines near your house, please let us know with a line clearance request. “While KCP&L will remove tree trimmings during normal operating times, during a storm we do not remove left behind branches or debris. This allows us to move on quickly to the next area that needs restoration work,” said Kurtz. “Check with your local cities to see if they are offering branch or debris removal service after a storm.”
  4. Why is my power out and my neighbor’s is not?
    Answer: Sometimes, you may notice your neighbor's lights come back on while you are still without power. Our system is broken into many small sections so that power outages impact the smallest number of customers possible. Your neighbor may be served by a different section and we restore power section by section. We start with the sections that serve the largest number of customers and continue to work until all power is restored. An example of this might be that we can restore to one customer who is served by a primary line quickly, while another customer may need repairs on a secondary line that requires additional work. Even more work is required if the issue lies with your service line or the meter itself.
  5. Why do I see crews enter and leave my neighborhood without restoring my power?
    Answer: “KCP&L has several different teams that all contribute to the ultimate goal of restoring power in a safe and timely manner,” said Kurtz. “While most of our crews are working on the power lines during a storm we also have crews who patrol those lines to determine the extent of the damage so we can send out the best crew to restore power for that specific situation.” Additionally, a crew may enter your neighborhood but the ultimate problem, affecting your power, may be elsewhere and they’ll relocate to that area. We are always working as quickly and safely as possible to get your lights on as soon as possible.

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