Learn how to stay safe around electricity—from tree trimming around power lines to electricity safety tips for your home or job site.


Safety is important to us at KCP&L. Learn how we help keep our customers safe every day, and join our Safety Singalong.

Tree Trimming and Planting: Tree Care to Maintain Reliable Service

Storm damage from trees is the primary cause of power outages. KCP&L regularly trims trees near power lines as part of our mission to provide safe, reliable electric service.
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Customer Safety: Using Electricity Safely

Electricity is such a regular part of our lives, it’s easy to forget to be careful around it. Follow these tips to keep you and your family safe, indoors and out.
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Contractor Safety: Working with Electricity

Avoiding contact with electrical lines and facilities is vital to job site safety. When you’re working near power lines underground or in the air, follow these contractor safety steps. 
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Report Energy Theft: Keep Our Community Safe

Energy theft is a serious offense that is hazardous and illegal. It might seem like energy theft does not affect you, but when someone steals electricity, it increases costs for everyone.
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Fraud Alerts: Protect Yourself from Utility Scams

Minimize the risk of fraud by protecting your personal information and staying up to date on utility fraud attempts.
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