KCP&L Community Investments Application - copy
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Thank you for your interest in KCP&L’s community investment opportunities. Please complete the form below and we will review your request.
11. KCP&L Area of Focus
From the following, select the KCP&L Community Focus Area that best reflects your organization's primary focus: *This question is required.
If you are requesting funds for operations or programming, please answer all the questions below. If your request is for an event, please also answer the questions in section 2.
24. Previous Funding
Have you previously received funding from KCP&L? *This question is required.
25. KCP&L Employee Engagement
Are any current KCP&L employees involved in your organization (serving on the board, volunteering, etc.)? *This question is required.
If your request is for event funding, please answer the following questions. If your request is not for an event, you may skip the next four questions.
Please also include/attach the following information in PDF or Word when submitting your request:
31. Board of Directors *This question is required.
32. Program Budget *This question is required.
33. Annual Operations Budget *This question is required.
34. Top 3 funding sources and size of support *This question is required.