Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my electric bill vary?
Your electric bill can vary depending on the season and your usage. Charges often rise in the hot summer months when air conditioners, fans and refrigerators work harder. Though your usage may typically be lower in the winter months, some customers add space heaters and electricity is used to run gas furnaces and electric heat pumps. A change in household size also can increase your electrical needs. Other reasons include the additional of electrical equipment like TVs, computers and hot tubs, as well as the increased use of tools and equipment for home improvement projects. You can level out monthly and seasonal billing differences with Budget Billing.
How can I get an additional copy of my KCP&L bill?
If you need an additional copy of your KCP&L bill, you can easily access it 24/7 through online account access. If you’re not already registered, it takes only a few moments. You then have access to all your account information and can quickly manage billing, payment and reminder settings—as well as print or download additional copies of your bill anytime.
What is paperless billing?
Paperless billing lets you save trees and reduce greenhouse emissions by eliminating paper bills. With your free online account, you can also pay bills online, set up automatic payments and get an email notice when your bill is due. Sign up for account access. It’s easy and free.
How do I pay my bill online?
Log in to your account to pay your bill quickly and securely. If you don’t have an account, it’s simple and free to register.
How do I sign up for online account access?
To sign up for online account access, you’ll just need your account number, a user name, password and e-mail address. We’ll process your registration within one hour during regular business hours and send you a confirmation email so you can get started right away.
Why can’t I pay my business’s utility bill with a credit card?
Credit card companies charge a much higher rate to process payments for business customers than for residential customers. To keep our rates lower and avoid passing this cost along to all customers, we don’t currently offer credit cards as a payment option for business customers. Review other ways to pay.
How do I set up Automatic Payments?
Stop worrying about late charges or discontinued service with Automatic Payments. It lets you set up recurring payments on your regular due date each month. Simply sign up for online account access. It’s easy and free. Already enrolled? Login here.
How do I pay my bill by phone?
Call 816-471-5275 or toll free at 888-471-5275. If you pay by check, have your KCP&L account number and checkbook available, then follow the simple voice prompts. If you pay by Visa or MasterCard, have your KCP&L account number and card number available. The system will connect you to Western Union for processing. Learn more about different ways to pay your bill.
How do I pay my bill by mail?
Mail your payment using your KCP&L return envelope for fastest processing. Lost your envelope? Find the right address. You can also learn more about different ways to pay your bill.
How do I pay my bill in person?
Walk in and pay your bill at an authorized KCP&L location. Don’t forget to bring your monthly bill. Find a list of locations or call us at 816-471-5275 816-471-5275 or 888-471-5275 888-471-5275. Learn more about different ways to pay your bill.
What if I can't pay my bill?
You may be eligible for a payment arrangement or community assistance. If there’s a chance you may get behind on your bill, contact one of our customer service representatives at 816-471-5275 816-471-5275 or 888-471-5275 to talk through your options.
How do I apply for financial assistance?
A federally-funded program called LIHEAP (The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program) can help you pay your energy bill. Learn more about your financial assistance options.
Will you turn off my service when it’s cold?
We participate in the Cold Weather Rule, which ensures electric service for your home when temperatures reach a certain point. In Missouri, we will not disconnect service on a day when the 24-hour weather forecast predicts temperatures will drop below 32° F. In Kansas, we will not disconnect service on a day when the 48-hour weather forecast predicts temperatures will drop below 35° F.  You are still responsible for your bill. During the Cold Weather period November 1 - March 31, you may also qualify for special payment arrangements. To see if you qualify, call a customer service representative at 816-471-5275 or 888-471-5275.
Can I adjust my bill’s due date?
If you rely on Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you can schedule your payment dates to coordinate with when you receive your benefits. Adjustable Due Date is a simple, free program that helps you avoid late payments and possible service disconnection.
What is budget billing?
Budget Billing helps you budget monthly payments by evening out seasonal billing highs and lows. It’s a way to help you plan for your energy usage and costs. Learn more about the program here.
Why has my Monthly Budget Billing Amount changed?

Your monthly budget billing amount is established using the average of your last 12 bills (or based on similar customers if you don't have 12 months of service history). Each statement will show you actual charges along with the budget billing amount you'll pay. Your budget billing amount is reviewed monthly; if that amount is 10% more or less than your current budget bill amount, you'll see that new budget amount on your next bill. Your average will grow only if your usage increases, which can result from things like adding a pool, space heaters or major appliances. Extreme temperatures can also cause your energy usage to fluctuate.

How can I pay someone’s bill as a gift?
Family and friends can give the gift of energy to people they know are in need by placing an Energy Gift on a KCP&L customer account. Purchased by check or money order in any amount, these payments can be given anonymously.