Construction Standards

The decisions you make about your electrical service can affect your construction budget. These resources can help you anticipate and control costs.

It’s important to start planning early and contact KCP&L before you start building. A representative can work with you to identify potential costs, which will help you anticipate and control them. To get in contact with your KCP&L representative, call our Customer Care Center at 816-701-0363

Ordering Service

Before breaking ground on your next project, take time to review KCP&L's various service types and order forms. When you need to request a temporary or permanent meter, we can help you. 
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New Facilities Utilizing Existing Infrastructure 

We're offering non-residential customers within KCP&L-MO and GMO territories locating a distribution line extension on an underutilized circuit an additional 10% Construction Allowance associated with the extension. Find out more

Standard Manuals/Meter Sockets

The electric service standards manual is available to reference as you are planning your electric service construction and meter installation. It's important you obtain the standards from this website, so you are using the latest version. When the standards are updated, the latest version will be posted here. 
In addition, you can also learn about our transmission facility connection requirements, which provide information on co-generation facilities and increased voltage requests, as well as our approved meter sockets lists for both residential and commercial construction.