Residential Trade Ally Resources

Increase your sales by helping customers save money and energy.

KCP&L’s Heating and Cooling Rebate and Insulation and Air Sealing Rebate help contractors boost sales when they become KCP&L-Authorized Trade Allies. As a KCP&L-Authorized Trade Ally, you will receive exclusive ability to offer KCP&L Missouri customers financial incentives when they purchase qualifying services and equipment. In addition, we support our KCP&L-Authorized Trade Allies by listing you on our website and advertising these special offers to customers with direct marketing and media promotions.

Interested in becoming a KCP&L-Authorized Trade Ally?

To be eligible to offer KCP&L rebates and incentives to your residential customers, you will need to:

  • Sign-up: Complete the Trade Ally Participation Agreement and provide copies of your W-9, certificate of insurance and business license. 
  • Complete Training: Meet with an outreach representative to complete the orientation training for your business and learn how to offer KCP&L Energy Savings to your customers. This process usually takes about 90 minutes.
  • Receive Authorization: Congratulations. You’re an official KCP&L-Authorized Trade Ally.

Find your local outreach representative

Your dedicated outreach representative can help you become a KCP&L-Authorized Trade Ally, arrange for training and answer any program questions you encounter. You can also ask which rebates make the most sense for your customers.

Mitch Hartley, Eastern Region

Mike Trainor, Northern Region

Terry Kemper, Southern Region

Rebates offered through KCP&L-Authorized Trade Allies

Heating and Cooling Rebate
Customers can save hundreds of dollars now – and more in the future – when replacing old or broken heating or air-conditioning systems. Replacements must be qualified energy-efficient units installed by a KCP&L-Authorized Trade Ally.

Insulation and Air Sealing Rebate
Customers must first schedule a comprehensive home energy audit with a KCP&L-Authorized Trade Ally to help determine what upgrades they can make to their home. Qualified customers can get up to $950 for air sealing their homes, or adding insulation by an authorized trade ally.

Other KCP&L energy-saving opportunities

  • LED Discount
    KCP&L Missouri customers can save up to $4 instantly at participating retail stores when they purchase ENERGY STAR®-certified LED bulbs. Because LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer, they’ll also save on energy costs.

  • Energy Analyzer
    All KCP&L customers can have access to a free, online energy analyzer to see where they use energy the most in their homes. They also receive energy-saving tips by category such as heating or appliances and can build a customized plan for managing their home’s energy use.  

  • Energy Savings Kit
    KCP&L Missouri customers schedule a complimentary appointment to receive free upgrades like LED light bulbs and smart power strips installed throughout their home by an energy-efficiency professional. The energy-efficiency professional will also perform a general home energy assessment at that time – and deliver information on other KCP&L energy-saving opportunities.