Thank you for telling us your idea to Energize Our Environment!

We will review your submission and announce the approved projects by email and our website on August 22.

If you would like to send any additional files, or have questions, please email us at


KCP&L is devoted to improving our environment. That's why we're once again launching the Energizing Our Environment Microgrant Program, which helps fund projects that make an environmental difference in our communities.

Last year, we contributed nearly than $40,000 to 16 environmental projects throughout Kansas and Missouri. We funded projects ranging from a river clean up to a wind turbine. And this year we want to fund your innovative sustainability project idea.

Your nonprofit organization can apply for a grant of up to $3,000 to help fund a wide range of environmental projects that address key problems in our region. 

How it works

  • Have a member of your organization - who is over 18 years of age - submit a completed application by August 4.

  • Tell us what the project is, when it will take place and why you think it will impact the environment.

  • We'll review all the submissions and announce the approved projects on our website on August 22. Approved projects will receive a $500-$3,000 grant.

  • If your project is approved, you can start Energizing Our Environment right

  • For additional information, please see official program rules.

Project Examples

  • Installation of recycling stations around the community

  • School environment programs

  • Environmental improvements to parks, trails, etc.

  • Planting trees in the community

  • Projects that address a key environmental problem

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