Your Responsibility

When trees interfere with the power line that connects directly to your house, trimming is your responsibility.

If you have vegetation near the power line that runs from the pole to your meter, please fill out an online vegetation request or call 888-471-5275 to schedule a line clearance request. Within five to seven days, we’ll send a crew member to review the vegetation’s proximity to the power line. 

  • If the crew member determines the vegetation doesn’t pose a threat to electrical service, no further action is necessary.
  • If the crew member determines the vegetation poses a threat to electrical service, we’ll work with you to schedule a time to disconnect—and then reconnect—your service line so you or your contractor can trim around the line. 
  • To arrange this free service, fill out our online form or call 888-471-5275.
  • You can also respond directly to the crew member who completed the review, who will leave a door tag with contact information.
  • After you or your contractor finishes the trimming, it will be your responsibility to dispose all vegetation.

Trimming to Restore Power

When a power outage occurs, our immediate priority is to restore power to our customers. If trimming is necessary to get the lights back on, we:

  • Perform a courtesy knock to let you know we’re on your property.
  • Clear vegetation that interferes with power lines and equipment to ensure restoration is performed safely and quickly. 
  • Ask you to clean up the outage debris so we can focus on the work of restoring power to the community. If you need help, check online or in your local directory for a reliable tree or lawn care service company. Many cities in our service area offer debris pick-up or offer drop-off locations after major storm events.
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