Potential Data Breach at Authorized Payment Locations

TIO Network, the vendor that managed walk-in payment locations including local grocery stores and gas stations, has experienced a data breach in November of 2017. Customers who paid their KCP&L bill by check at these locations may be affected.

What happened?

PayPal, TIO’s parent company, recently informed KCP&L of unauthorized access to TIO’s network. TIO has shared that it found no proof customer information was accessed, acquired or misused. Although this issue is related to a third-party provider and no KCP&L data or systems have been accessed, it’s still important to us that we notify customers so they can take the appropriate action. 

Who is affected?

Only those customers who paid their KCP&L bill at a walk-in location with a check were potentially affected. No KCP&L data or systems were affected by this breach.

What information was potentially compromised?

Customer information that was potentially accessed is limited to name, address, KCP&L account number, bank account number and check routing information.

What can I do?

For impacted customers, TIO will provide one year of free credit monitoring services through Experian. This includes credit monitoring, identity theft insurance, and assistance combating identity theft and fraud.

To enroll or determine if you were impacted, contact TIO at 855-272-6796 (toll-free) for domestic callers or 479-788-5000 (toll) for international callers. 

The Federal Trade Commission recommends additional actions you can take, including contacting your bank and monitoring your account for unauthorized activity.

Where can I go for more information?

You may call TIO at 855-272-6796  or 479-788-5000 or visit TIO’s website.

How can I pay my bill?

KCP&L offers a variety of payment options.