Budget Billing

Keep your bill consistent and budget your monthly payments by leveling seasonal billing highs and lows.

Your energy usage varies throughout the year, creating bills that can be higher or lower than you expected. Keeping your monthly billing amount consistent can help you budget and keep your account current. It’s not a discount plan—you’re responsible for the energy you use—but it can be a good tool to stay on track.

Bar graph illustrating budget billing.

How it works 

We’ll establish your Monthly Budget Billing Amount, which is the average of the last 12 bills at the time you enroll  giving you a fixed monthly payment. (For those with less than 12 months of service history, a monthly average based on like customers may be used.) This is what will show on your monthly statements as the amount due. Each statement will also reflect the actual charges for services used during the month. Actual charges may be more or less than the monthly payment amount.

Pay your Monthly Budget Billing Amount, but monitor the Actual Account Balance on your bill. It will grow if your usage increases, which can result from things like extreme temperatures or adding a big screen TV.

Keep an eye on the Monthly Budget Billing Amount and Actual Account Balance throughout the year.

  • Some months you’ll use less electricity than your Budget Billing Amount due; other months, you’ll use more.
  • A positive Actual Account Balance represents the amount of electricity you have actually used in the current and previous months but have not yet paid for.
  • Over the 12-month period, your Actual Account Balance should work its way down to $0. If it doesn’t, it’s a sign your Budget Billing Amount needs to be increased. 

Every year, we’ll recalculate your Monthly Budget Billing Amount to be sure it reflects your account balance, historical usage habits and any rate increases. Based on how you used electricity in the past year, the amount could increase or decrease.

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