Budget Billing Update

For customers enrolled in Budget Billing prior to July 2018, we have an update to share that helps your bill stay more consistent.

How does budget billing help? 

Budget Billing is put in place to help give customers an idea of what to expect on their bills. We want you to feel financially comfortable and prepared for what's ahead. In order to make sure your bill stays as consistent as possible year-round, we've included an update to how your bill is calculated — made possible by our recent online enhancements.

What's changing?

Instead of cruising through the year and getting hit with a potentially large bill (or true up) at the end of your 12-month cycle (that is not consistent with your previous bills), we've put a 10% buffer in place from month to month. Here's what that means:

  • KCP&L calculates a new budget bill amount each month. If that calculated amount varies by 10% more or less than your current budget bill amount, you will see that new budget amount on your next bill.
  • If your calculated budget amount does not vary by 10% more or less than your current budget amount, then your budget amount will not change.
  • You no longer have to deal with a potentially large, unexpected true up at the end of your 12-month budget billing term.

Budget Billing

How will this affect me right now?

To more accurately update your Budget Billing amount, we'll review it in July of 2018. If it has changed by more than 10%, we'll readjust your amount effective on your next statement. This means you may see a significant change in your budget amount, depending on current account balance and usage (much like you would previously see at the end of your 12-month cycle). This change is intended to better align your budget amount with recent bills and future adjustments are expected to be minimal. If you wish to discuss your Budget Billing details, please email us at custserv@kcpl.com or call (816) 471-5272 or (866) 471-5275.