Energy Gift

Do you know a friend, family, neighbor, parent or even college kid who could benefit from an energy gift?


Here's how to give the gift of energy this holiday season... 

With an energy gift, you can help anyone you know in our service areas by making a payment of any amount toward their energy bill. It’s a simple and convenient gift that you can give at any time, but it's often especially helpful over the holiday season.

Your energy gift amount is applied to the recipient’s account, and they will be notified — all you need is the recipient's address. You can even do this anonymously if you prefer. Here's how you can send an energy gift today...

  • Submit an online form. We’ll send you an application and announcement card by email or regular mail.
  • When you receive the application, fill it out and mail it back to us with payment by check or money order. We’ll apply the payment to the customer’s account.
  • You can send the announcement card to your recipient or choose to give the gift anonymously.

Gifts can be given by anyone, not just KCP&L customers.

You can also check out and share some of our special billing options for the elderly, disabled, medically homebound or those on social security/supplemental security income. Additionally, we offer financial assistance through a number of different options.