Electricity's Value

Electricity has shown to be a lasting value. Even though Americans have used more energy in the last 20 years, the portion of household budgets devoted to electricity costs has actually declined.

A national organization, the Edison Electric Institute, provides perspective about the value of electricity and its prevalence in our lives. Its research shows that the typical American household owns an average of 25 consumer electronic products, 99% of which have to be plugged in or recharged.

What role does electricity play in your life? Electricity is:

  • The cold milk or soda that comes from your refrigerator
  • The email you send on your computer
  • The lights you use to read at night
  • The music playing from your personal listening device
  • Your favorite drama or comedy on television
  • The cool air that comes from your air conditioner on hot days
  • The phone (mobile or land line) that connects you to friends and family

Electricity Remains a Good Value 

The cost of electricity rises at a slower pace than many typical expenses.
Electricity value bar graph

Electricity Goes a Long Way

One dollar of electricity powers:
  • An air conditioner for 24 hours
  • A refrigerator for one week
  • A 40-inch LCD television for one month
  • A lamp for six months
  • A mobile phone for 1.5 years