Rate Update Request & Bill Credits

Find detailed information about GMO rate updates and bill credits.

Rate Updates

In 2018, the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) approved rate updates for KCP&L and Greater Missouri Operations (GMO). This update includes savings related to the 2018 merger with Westar Energy and new lower federal tax laws.

For GMO residential customers, this resulted in:

  • $24 million annual base rate decreases starting December 6, 2018 (just under $6 a month on your energy bill)
  • $14.2 million in savings applied as a on-time credit on September 2018 bills

What is the Tax Cut and Jobs Act credit?

In January 2018, the federal government reduced corporate tax rates as part of the Tax Cut & Jobs Act, which decreased the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. We’re passing along 100% of those savings. Customers in our Greater Missouri Operations will receive a one-time credit in February 2019 bills. It reflects savings from January 2018 through implementation of new rates which include the impact of the tax savings going forward.

Who will receive the tax cut credit, and how will customers know what the credit is?

The credit will post on February bills in the Other Transactions Section and will be titled “Tax Cut & Jobs Act Credit.” Customers also will be advised via bill message:

If you were an active electric utility customer in our Greater Missouri Operations territory as of Dec. 31, 2018, you received a Tax Cut & Jobs Act Credit. See kcpl.com/rateinfo for details.

What else changed with the rate update?

This is how we're investing to enhance your customer experience:

  • A new customer information system, so we can ensure improved, consistent and more efficient customer communications where you receive information about energy solutions with ease.
  • Budget- and environmentally-friendly options, so you can better manage your personal energy usage needs and access renewable energy, including Solar Subscription providing the community access to solar energy (no rooftops required). 

The MPSC also approved new rate design changes.

What's rate design, and how's it changing?

Your bill shows different charges, fees and other adjustments that make up the total cost of your energy bill, which you can view here. Rate design is the way we set bill amounts and define charges and fees.
Within our rate update, we streamlined your Customer Charge to $11.47 for all Missouri customers, which is roughly a $1 increase for GMO and $1 decrease for KCP&L. Below are energy charges for common rates:

Energy Charge



General Use


Electric Heat


GMO General Use MORG

GMO Electric Heat MORH



May 16 - Sept. 15


June 1 - Sept. 30

First 1,000 kWh




(all kWh)




(all kWh)

Over 1,000 kWh







Sept. 16 - May 15


Oct. 1 - May 31

First 600 kWh







Next 400 kWh







Over 1,000 kWh







Head here for more info on understanding your bill or view updated Missouri rates here