Kansas Rate Update Request

The rate update we filed for Kansas customers has been approved.

Kansas Rate Updates 

Recently, the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) approved rate updates for KCP&L Kansas. This update includes savings related to the 2018 merger with Westar Energy and new lower federal tax laws. (For information on Missouri or GMO rate updates, continue scroll to the "Missouri Rate Updates" section.

What savings were factored into the rate update?

For Kansas residential customers, this will result in the following annual base rate decreases starting December 20, 2018

  • $1.0 million annual base rate reduction (or around $0.40 savings a month on your energy bill), including $7.5 million in merger savings
  • $2.8 million in savings passed along to customers as a merger credit, equaling roughly $17.15 for the average residential customer

Additionally, we're passing along 100% of savings from the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, decreasing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, which results in the following:

  • $36.3 million in tax reductions, which will result in about $82.80 in savings for the average residential customer

What's new?

This is how we're investing to enhance your customer experience:

  • new customer information system, so we can ensure improved, consistent and more efficient customer communications where you receive information about energy solutions with ease.
  • Budget- and environmentally-friendly options, so you can better manage your personal energy usage needs and access renewable energy, including Solar Subscriptionproviding the community access to solar energy (no rooftops required). 

The KCC also approved new rate plan offerings and programs.

What are the new rates?

A Distributed Generation (DG) rate will go into effect for customers who installed DG after Dec. 20, 2018 and pay a demand component on their bills to better align charges with costs to serve those customers. Those DG customers will pay less for their actual energy consumption (per kWh) than they were previously, and depending on their demand, can still receive notable monthly energy savings. Customers with DG systems before Dec. 20, 2018 are not impacted by this change. For more information, view our DG FAQs

Additionally, the Customer Charge for all KCP&L Kansas residential customers is $14.25 (up from $14). Here are the Energy Charges:

Energy Charge

General Use: 2RS1A

Electric Heat: 2RS6A


May 16 - Sept. 15

All kWh




Sept. 16 - May 15

First1,000 kWh

$0.08243 (all kWh)


Over 1,000 kWh


Head here for more info on understanding your bill or view updated Kansas rates here