KCP&L Rate Update Request: KCP&L - Kansas

KCP&L requests rate update for KCP&L – Kansas Customers

KCP&L requested a rate update from the Kansas Corporation Commission for customers living in its KCP&L-Kansas service area. Additionally, we are asking to pass along 100% of the savings resulting from the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. This will result in approximately $34.5 million in ongoing annual savings for KCP&L’s customers in Kansas. 

Once savings from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are taken into account, KCP&L is requesting approximately a 4.5 percent, or $26.2 million increase to its rates for KCP&L-Kansas customers. 

If approved, the average residential customer living in the KCP&L-Kansas area would see an approximately $7.30 per month change. An average KCPL-Kansas customer is defined as using 1366 kWh in a summer month and 833 kWh in a winter month. View our map to see if this rate applies to your service territory. 

The rate update process takes approximately eight months in Kansas, so any resulting rate changes would be expected to be effective in late December 2018.

Why did KCP&L file to change its KCP&L Kansas rates?

KCP&L filed the rate update to enhance your customer experience through: 

  • A New Customer Information System: This online enhancement and its related technologies ensure improved, consistent and more efficient customer communications. You want to hear from us in helpful, relevant ways; these new systems help us do that. The new customer information system includes cyber security upgrades to protect your personal information.
  • Continued Investments in Sustainability: If this update is approved, new Green Subscription and Community Solar pilots would provide you with options to directly subscribe to receive renewable energy to offset the energy you use each month, adding to our renewable portfolio.
  • Customer Assistance: We offer resources to help customers who struggle to pay their electricity bill. 

As a regulated utility, if our costs indicate that we need to ask for a rate change, we do so by filing a request to the Kansas Corporation Commission for review and approval. This process provides an opportunity for the Commission to audit the filings and allow customers and other interested parties to ask questions and submit comments about the requested change. For a full look at the rate-making process click here.

For more information on this rate update request, go here