KCP&L Rate Increase Request

KCP&L rate increase for customers in one of its Missouri service areas approved.

Recently, the Missouri Public Service Commission released its order regarding KCP&L’s rate increase requests in the KCP&L-Missouri service area. KCP&L originally requested a 15.8% increase and the order approved just under a 12% increase.

For an average residential customer, this will result in an increase of less than $12 each month. The new rates will go into effect between September 15th and September 30th.

Why KCP&L Is Requesting an Increase

KCP&L is requesting the rate increase for a few reasons:

  • Mandated environmental upgrades at the La Cygne power plant
    • The upgrades will reduce emissions and provide cleaner air to our region.
    • La Cygne provides a significant amount of the power homes and businesses rely on.
    • It is one of the lowest-cost ways we provide power to customers.
    • The upgrades are needed to comply with federal and state regulations and will allow KCP&L to continue operating the plant.
  • Investments to improve infrastructure and make KCP&L services more reliable
    • Modernizing infrastructure, including substations
    • Replacing electric meters that have reached their 20-year lifespan
    • Building additional transmission lines
    • Improving equipment at power plants
    • Increase to property taxes associated with these investments 

Reasons for Rate Increase Request 

rate increase chart

Who Will be Impacted

Residential and business customers in KCP&L's Missouri service area will be impacted by this rate increase request. One way you can tell if you will be impacted is by viewing your bill and looking at your "rate code," which is listed on your monthly billing statement.  The most common residential rate codes for the KCP&L-Missouri area include:

  • 1RS1A
  • 1RS6A
  • 1RS3A
KCP&L is required to file a rate increase request for the remaining 295,000 Missouri customers in its Greater Missouri Operations service area by early 2016. In January 2015, KCP&L also plans to request a rate increase for its Kansas service area. The Kansas rate increase amount has not been determined, but the primary reason is to pay for environmental upgrades at La Cygne.


Financial Assistance for Missouri Customers

KCP&L also is asking to expand its Economic Relief Pilot Program. Even if you haven’t qualified for financial assistance in the past, you may qualify for this program which currently offers up to a $50 monthly bill credit to qualifying customers. KCP&L is asking to increase the bill credit to $65 and plans to double the amount of funding available. Customers should contact the Salvation Army at 1-877-566-2769, ext. 416 for more information about the current program.

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