KCP&L Rate Increase: KCP&L - Missouri

KCP&L rate increase for KCP&L – Missouri Customers

KCP&L filed a request with the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) to increase base rates for customers living in its KCP&L-Missouri service area. 

KCP&L requested a 7.5% rate increase. Additionally, the request included an adjustment to the fuel adjustment clause (FAC), which results in an additional 3.3% increase.

The MPSC approved a $32.5 million increase. This increase will impact residential customers at roughly $3.49 per month.* New rates go into effect on June 8, 2017.

Why KCP&L Requested an Increase

KCP&L requested the rate increase for a few reasons:
  • Infrastructure investments made to maintain electrical reliability and modernize the grid
  • Additional regional transmission lines to transport renewable energy
  • Upgraded power plants and systems to comply with environmental and cybersecurity mandates

Impacted Customers

Only residential and business customers in the KCP&L – Missouri service area will be impacted by this rate increase. One way you can identify if you will be impacted is by viewing the upper-lefthand corner of the front of your bill where your service area is listed and would read, “You live in KCP&L – Missouri.”

* An average residential customer is defined as using 1,020 kWh per month in the summer and 690kWh per month in the winter.