Preparing for Severe Weather

Whether an ice storm is coming your way, it pays to be ready for tough conditions.

Severe winter weather safety

During severe weather, we take steps to prepare and so can you. Find out how we prepare, how you can prepare and other general ways to stay safe below. 

If you experience an outage, report it online and view our outage map for more details. 

What winter hazards cause outages?

  • Freezing Rain

    Ice accumulates and covers power lines causing them to sag and break. (Never attempt to shake ice off lines–they're energized and highly dangerous.)

  • High Wind

    High winds can result in tree branches and limbs making contact with power lines. 

  • Poor Driving Conditions

    When roads are wet or slick, it can create dangerous driving conditions. Resulting accidents could damage electrical equipment, such as poles.

  • How to prepare for severe weather...

    How KCP&L prepares

    When severe weather comes, we're also preparing. Find out how.

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    Storm kit

    How you can prepare

    Get tips to keep you safe and comfortable during severe weather.

    Be Prepared

    Severe weather safety tips

    Stay safe. Check out safety tips and weather hazards.

    Safety Tips

    Financial & medical assistance

    Financial or medical options for those struggling during severe weather months.

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