KCP&L's Outage Alerts for Business Customers

Enroll today for up-to-date outage alerts

Power outages happen for a number of reasons, during any season and in any type of weather. Rest assured that when storms strike, we at KCP&L work hard to restore power to our customers and business partners as safely and quickly as possible.

For up-to-date communications on weather-related outage information, enroll in KCP&L’s Outage Alerts. If you are already enrolled, this is a good time to update your settings if your contact information has changed. 

Enrollment Steps:

Step 1:  Log in to your account. Then from the navigation bar hover over “Preferences” and select “Outage Alerts”
Step 2:  Choose which account you’d like to receive notifications from the drop down. Or stay on the account and you’ll be able to “Apply All”
Step 3:  Select “Create New Contact” or “Use Existing” information in the system
Step 4:  Choose contact method – voice, email or text, and enter information accordingly
Step 5:  Optional: Set start and end times for "Do Not Disturb" settings
Step 6:  Agree to Terms of Use
Step 7:  Save changes

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll receive an email and/or text to verify you want to receive notifications. Then follow the instructions to verify you are enrolled. Please contact your Energy Consultant or the Business Center if you would like assistance. 

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Outage Alerts

Stay up to date on the latest outage news.