Common Outage Questions

Explore common questions to get the answers you need.

Outage Map Q&A

  • How can I find the total number of customers out of power? Head to the Outage Map and click "Summary" in the top left.
  • Nothing's changed on the outage map. Are numbers going down? Be sure to refresh the page to the see the current updates.
  • What do the different colored triangles mean on the outage map? Each color represents a different range of customers without power. View the legend in the top left of the Outage Map to coordinate colors.
  • Where can I find a map of power outages? Our interactive Outage Map provides information about outages and restorations.
  • Why doesn't the outage map say when my power will be restored? Time needed to restore power depends on many factors. Find out why on our Power Restoration page.
  • Why can't I see information more specific than neighborhood or zip code? More specific information isn't provided for the safety of customers' homes and businesses.

Preparing for Severe Weather Q&A

  • How does KCP&L work to reduce outages? Find out on our What We Do page. 
  • Is there a special plan for when major outages occur? Yes, read about it here
  • How can I prepare when a storm is coming? Check out our tips for you on the What You Can Do page. 
  • How can I stay safe during a storm? Stay inside, and stay away from power lines, meters and other equipment. Report an outage or downed power line here or call 1-888-LIGHT-KC
  • How can I stay cool during a heat wave? Find out on our Severe Weather Safety page. 
  • What happens to my life support equipment during an outage? If your equipment doesn't have a back up power supply, let us know so we can help you make special arrangements. Find out how with our Medical Customer program.

Reporting an Outage Q&A

  • What should I do if I lose power? Check out our Report a Power Outage page to find out.
  • How can I report a power outage? Use our online form or call 888-LIGHT-KC or 888-544-4852
  • What if I call during an outage and can't get through? Try our online form instead, or you can reach a customer service representative at 888-471-5275
  • What happens when I report an outage? Watch this video to find out.
  • When will my service be restored? Line crews are dispatched to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. Check out this video for more information.
  • Do I pay for electricity during an outage? No, because your meter is not receiving electricity.

Restoration Process Q&A

  • How does KCP&L decide the order to restore customers' power? Learn how we decide on our Power Restoration page.
  • Why can't the outage map tell me when my power will come back on? Time needed to restore power depends on many factors. Find out why on our Power Restoration page.
  • When will my service be restored? We can't give you an exact time because restoration depends on several factors. Find out more here.
  • Will you pick up tree limbs and debris after a storm outage repair? Tree limbs and debris are left onsite for the owner to remove. 
  • Who's responsible for repairs if my meter is damaged? The process depends on where you live. Check out our Power Restoration page for more information.