Program Update

Appointments and eligibility for the Nest Thermostat are limited.


Ensure a comfortable climate—while reducing your energy bill up to 20%.

KCP&L is offering limited appointments for eligible Missouri business customers to get a Nest Thermostat while openings are available. Over time, the Nest Thermostat learns and adapts to temperatures you prefer to keep you comfortable and help save energy when you’re away. Select KCP&L business customers can get a Nest Thermostat and have it installed at no additional cost.

In addition to getting the free Nest, you will also be enrolled in our Rush Hour Rewards program. After the first year, you receive a $25 check at the end of each additional year you stay enrolled in the program.

Eligibility Requirements & Appointment Restrictions

This offer is open to some KCP&L Missouri business customers on small commercial rates only. Limited appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis. To schedule a direct installation appointment or to check eligibility, call 855-882-9920. Appointments are on a month-to-month basis due to high demand, and if you’re unable to get an appointment within the month, you have a few options:

  • Call back during the following month to see if there are appointments available for the next time frame.
  • Check out our energy saving tips to cut back on energy and save in the meantime.
  • Use our Energy Analyzer tool to identify the greatest opportunities for energy savings in your business. 

For more information or to check eligibility and availability, call us at 855-882-9920. Terms and conditions apply.


Getting Started

Here are all the details to get started. Keep in mind, appointments are limited each month. You may have to call back on a later date or be unable to get an appointment altogether. 

  • Call us at 855-882-9920 to set up an appointment.
  • We will replace your current thermostat with a Nest Thermostat and enroll you in Rush Hour Rewards. You can create your Nest Account online here.
  • After the first year, you get a $25 check at the end of each additional year you stay enrolled in the program.
  • There will be a maximum of 15 rush hour events each summer, and they will last no more than 4 hours. Rush hours can occur at any time of the day, only on weekdays, between June 1 and Sept. 30.
  • You'll only get one rush hour event a day, and there will never be more than three rush hour events in a week.

For questions, call us at 855-882-9920 or email